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romisen flashlight Customers Reviews

  • A must Have!!!!

    posted by danilomelo

    It's a really really bright light,uses AA and CR123 batteries Looks really well constructed.

    You can use 1 AA or 2 AA batteries, people get really really surprised when I show this.
    Buy if you want a well constructed light
    It's a little expensive than the others lights in the site but really worth it!!!!
  • Satisfied with my RC-F4!

    posted by ontheborder77

    - very bright for a small light- build quality, fittings, caps, and clicky are great- worked on first try with fresh-out-of-the-wrapper sku 3273 Ultrafire 3.6V batteries- sku 3273 batteries fit perfect with no rattle- tight beam / spot
    The RC-F4 is a good light. Textured reflector on this model. I'm yet to put it through the rough weather and rugged terrain test. I fish and hunt often and I think it will hold up, although it seems water resistant but not water tight.
    I really like this light. I would say it is a good value. I would get more to share but I want to be the only one in the family / friends circle with a cool, bright light.
  • Great flashlight

    posted by MitjaPirman

    - Great value for money- Good build quality- Long life with 1865 battery- Good narrow beam, throwing 150 meters easily- My two favorite hobbies are hunting and sailing and i use this flashlight for both...
    Beam adjustment function would be nice, but in this price range this is as good as it gets.I ordered set of two batteries & charger, but i'm still using the first battery :) Additionally i ordered tactical remote pressure switch, still waiting to get and test it.
    Great product,
  • unusual curves, bright, heavy, great!

    posted by pepekraft

    Perfect wife/girlfriend light. single-mode, bright, looks great. It's substantial in the hand, heavy and easy to hold. very nice beam with good throw, medium-large hotspot, and great usable spill. Silky threads, o-rings, forward clicky switch, and feels solid and well built.
    The tailcap switch is not recessed. it's very slim at the tail end and a recessed switch would be hard to press, but this one might be activated accidentally in a pocket or purse. It does take a pretty firm press to activate it, so it might be just fine.
    This is the sort of light that helps me convince my wife that it's okay to buy more lights, so it's a winner in my book. I will probably buy more as gifts.
  • Much efficient

    posted by seckinb

    Well this may seem to be a full star review but I must say even if I didn't find zoom lenses much useful, I really liked the functional beam of this light. It gives an even beam at the both zoom ends and useful but ugly combinations of flood and throw in the mid ranges.
    Build quality is excellent. The body is thick and strong, anodization is nice. Drains 700-850mA from a 18650 battery but seems to put out more light than a similarly driven aspherical lens zoomie.
    At this price it may seem a bit expensive for a zoom lens but the lights with this design (especially Led Lenser) and this battery configuration (many would only use 3xAAA) multiply this price.
    The special TIR optics used in this design seems to reflect more light to the front, therefore, although the beam is not as tight as a convex lens zoom light, give a more useful, wider and cleaner spot.
    A very nice piece to have and would serve well as a sole light. Could have higher high and lower low but still an effective light for everything.

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