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rod black Customers Reviews

  • Good quality tool

    posted by janneaare

    Metal constructionStoppersQuality
    Well assembled, metal body, follow Focus. It fits to the 15mm rig perfectly and is fairly easy to adjust to smooth operation. You just place one of the supplied gear rings to your lens, tighten the focus unit in place and use. There are two stoppers for setting the near and far points of focus and they work like a dream. If only you could adjust the speed of the focus to suit different situations.
    Surely the best Follow Focus for the money
  • Ideal for gift

    posted by huguinin

    I bought like this for the price and is an ideal gift. I tried it and does very good spark. materials appear to be solid but is not too convinced with the quality of sibato, I think there is a fault. I hope this article provide all my children and we left pretty fishing, hunting and backpacking. is essential to have.
  • Portable,folding Fishing rod

    posted by vamps4

    Fishing rod is qualitative ,folding and easy.The rod is 2 times cheaper than in Latvia.Is a very good to have fishing vhen it cold it is important to hands be free
    Not a bad buy at that price,if you are fishman,this is the best variant for you.Does not take much space in your haversack.
    Quality,good priceCan be prepared to do its job in under 2 minutes.Very simple to set it up.
  • Handy tool

    posted by kushNhitz

    The fire steel works great and the whistle is really louder than I expected. The clip is from good plastic and does not feel like it is going to break from a little usage.
    Maybe it would be handy to inform the customers about the strength of the rope, I have no clue what I could use the rope for and in an emergency survival situation one time fail might be one time too much.
    For the price a nice and good looking "para"cord-bracelet with handy survival tools that work when needed. Would not trust the rope with too much weight/stress since it is obviously not real paracord

    posted by Jaybora

    Great Striker with unlimited potential uses! Customizable for mounting and striker source. Great HOT sparks generated after the rod is "broken" in.
    For the difference in price, I will always pick the 8 cm over the smaller 5 cm.
    Buy this product, you will not be disappointed if you are looking for something with a little "spark" in it! haha

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