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Buy a rj45 plugs network from DX.com! It's your best choice. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

rj45 plugs network Customers Reviews

  • Solid connectors for the price

    posted by wontpontificate

    -My box says that it was made in the USA
    -Indistinguishable from the batch I bought from a local shop
    DX took a good long while to ship these, but I've come to expect my DX orders to be slow. It's part of the fun! Order stuff from DX, and then forget you ordered it. When it arrives, it's like Christmas!
    Excellent connectors for the money -- if you don't need them immediately. If you do, you're better off buying a pack locally, but order these anyway, so you'll have them when you need them again.
  • Solid feel

    posted by Shannoes

    A well-priced plug connector that everyone who does any amount of networking needs to have plenty on hand. The fact that these are colour-coded makes them even better.
    These plugs have a nice solid feel about them. They grip the cable really well once crimped down.
    Buy them in other colours as well to help you easily keep track of cables when you have a number of them plugged in close to eachother (like in a patch panel).
  • Great product, not 1GBps capable

    posted by LeighCB

    Simple, fits most networking devices, allows you to power your device at the other end of an Ethernet cable. Just connect at either end in between device and existing cable
    Easy way to put a device somewhere you do not have power. I used it to power a Wifi access point from a UPS in the basement to a central location on the main floor.
    Need to send power over ethernet, get it.
  • Quality and price go hand in hand

    posted by MostroCesar

    Quality and price go hand in hand and in turn joins style and warmth, very good merchandise, This very pleased with the product, satisfied with the price and shipping time
    By the time I cannot find cons in this product, as all electronic product works or not, and their performance depends on what we have chosen us
    I loved, arrived in the form and time quality and price go hand in hand their colors go according to what was
  • Better then I expected

    posted by Flud1zz

    * Cheap connectors* They have a color! Has the practical benefit of easy distinction between new and old cables.* The quality of the plastic and pins is better then I expected.
    The locking plastic (that holds the connector in the socket) on the top of the connector was a bit to flat. After crimping they fell out of the ports because they did not lock. Simply bending it up a little bit fixed this.
    If you need cheap connectors and can wait, grab these! They do the trick all the way up to gigabit speeds.


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