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  • Very Good Quality

    posted by mdiab

    Very good quality considering the price. Robust an have great data output. Also the red color is intense and look far better than the usual Beige.
    No other thoughts. Just a good product.
    I recommend it. it's a good product , though it's not worth the waiting if want to use to get something done or fixed, you might as well pay the few extra bucks and buy from your local store.
  • Perfect clone

    posted by maartenr7

    I recently got my smoothieboard and needed the HanRun HR911105A connector to enable the onboard ethernet functionality. The HanRun was mandatory because of the builtin magnetics and LED indicators.I was sceptical if this product had these features because the original HanRun products are clearly marked as such. After taking a leap of feath I opened one up after arriving and indeed found the needed magnetics present.
    It looks like overkill to order 5 connectors if you only need one but since the shipping is free, I ended up saving 8 euro's compared to ordering just 1 unit from other sources.
    Great product for a great price.
  • Great product, not 1GBps capable

    posted by LeighCB

    Simple, fits most networking devices, allows you to power your device at the other end of an Ethernet cable. Just connect at either end in between device and existing cable
    Easy way to put a device somewhere you do not have power. I used it to power a Wifi access point from a UPS in the basement to a central location on the main floor.
    Need to send power over ethernet, get it.
  • Very nice connectors

    posted by vmendelis

    - Close to top quality.- Easy to use- Takes in wires easily.- Crimps 100% of the time. - Covers are perfect , with these you can easily pull out the cable without the fear of braking the clip. - Did not have any problem installing these. - Fits tightly on the cable , the cap also fits perfectly.
    Could use some packs with assorted colors or at least some multicolored ones.
    A good product, seems to actually be compliant with the 5e standard.
  • They do the job

    posted by johnmcchavs

    Those connectors are doing exactly what they are asked, and they are VERY cheap.I did several cables with those, and had not problem doing it. They work well, and seem solid.CAUTION : you have to know what you are doing with those :- you need special pliers to use it- you need to know the principles of RJ45 cabling (2 types of cabling are usable, you have to know which one you are doing and, moreover, WHY)
    A very simple piece of hardware that does the job, what else can one say?
    Those connectors wok well, are cheap and are moreover shielded if you use that feature (I don't). Go for it if you need some !

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