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rj45 network tester

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rj45 network tester Customers Reviews

  • Very good

    posted by VPY88

    Nice price (vs. TrendNet's TC-NT2)Good sensivityIt doesn't switch on without your agreement (for example, TC-TP1, tracer of TC-NT2, switch on cause button has bad placement)Fine package (in this box u can place a lot of other things)Terminal device can show live wires (diods blink, when you connect to live wire)It was n't hard to me, but very nice to found two batteries in package.Nice sound when wire found
    I never said that I blow my money for this device
  • Great product !

    posted by johnmcchavs

    The thing is doing what it is supposed to :plug the remote at one end of the cable, and plug the main part to the other one, and then you know if everything's OK in your cable, and if it is not, where is the problem. It worked very well for me.Moreover, there is a bag to carry it (and even a small cable if you want to test wall outlets), and the two part assemble if you have two sides of the cable in hand.Does not seems fragile at all.
    It's a keeper ! I'll never be in the dark with plugs and cables, not knowing where is the problem. I really like this product.
    You can't beat the thing : it's doing the job and it's very cheap !
  • Really flimsy, but it works

    posted by McKaamos

    Well, it's fairly small and comes with a detachable part for the other side of the cable you want to test.It's also easy to use and only requires a 9v battery.
    It would've been nice to see a sturdier case. Other than that, it works as advertised and for the price you can't expect more from it.
    If you need it and don't want to spend heaps on a professional unit, get one.Just be really carefull with it.
  • not for work

    posted by dissidence

    cheap, works, easy to use, small size, comes with a case. test USB cables too.this dose what i wanted it to do, all in a small size.
    dose what i needed it to. not much of a case came with it but hey it will keep the dust off of it.
    good for add use around the home, not what i would use for work. if it breaks i would buy it again, it was much cheaper than anything i could get locally.
  • Cheap 'keychain'

    posted by bobele

    - Small
    - Cheap
    - Finds broken cables
    - Finds shorted cables
    - with a litle modification works with shilded cables :D
    Just soldered two leds inside and it works for shield too!!! Must have! Just take your batery apart and it will fit. Buy quality bateries or accus!
    Nice looking 'keychain'. It's a MUST have if you are working with LAN cables (or telephone cables)! With sku.33466 you can probe usb cables too! Just play with it!


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