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rj45 lan cable

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rj45 lan cable Customers Reviews

  • Justo el cable que necesitaba !!! INSUPERABLE !!!

    posted by EJPENAFLORM

    1. Excelente materiales de construcción, tanto del cable como de sus conectores y protectores.2. Cable ultra delgado de tan solo 4 o 5 milímetros de espesor.3. Costo muy por debajo de la calidad.4. Entrega rápida, llegó mucho antes de lo esperado.
    El diseño super delgado del cable hace que sea mas facil de manipular y evita que el cable se doble y corte los hilos internos. Los variados colores permiten identificar rapidamente las funciones y propósito del cable. Es tan delgado que pasa entre las puertas cerradas
    Finalmente es el cable perfecto, Necesito otros cables de mayor longitud. Ya se cual adquirir.
  • Very good

    posted by fabimart

    1) Very thin2) Excellent quality3) The connectors are very good and easy to connect / disconnect the ethernet port4) More beautiful than the regular ethernet cable
    Although thin, it is not practical to carry in briefcase notebook, because it ends up entangled: if the goal is portability is better a retractable cord. This thin cable is more useful to replace the standard cable for fixed installations because:- Can pass through narrow crevices where the standard cable would not- Can be more easily hidden- Where it has become apparent that it is more beautiful than the common wire
    I recommend this product: Even if it costs a little more than other similar here on DealExtreme, the price is worth it for the quality
  • Adequate performance not 100%

    posted by WeejXL

    Cheap, build quality is alright, the retractable/rewind button makes networking around my computer very neat
    My reason for buying this was so that I didn't have to see ugly LAN wires all over the place - this would be great if I could only pull out and use just the wire I need and not the whole thing.
    Extremely cheap and neat solution to the standard LAN cable mess - however you may still need to pull out and use the whole length of cable which sort of defeats the purpose
  • Like ying and yang

    posted by fyijacque

    Wow this is a very impressive cable. The little plugs have special slots to slide in to protect them from wear and tear. Its also a ribbon cable not a cord. Very flat and easy to wrap back into the case. To release it you press a button on the outside of the case.
    Yes I wish all cords were wind up like this item.
    For the price its a steal, one less cord to tuck out of the way or store. Take it to the office, impress everyone with you super cool cable. I demonstrated mine twice since I got it today. I love how it zips up its so precise.
  • As advertised

    posted by ametheus

    Low-profile flat cable; this makes it easy to route through narrow slits, e.g. under doors, etc.Also, the connector clips are snagless, but very sturdy.
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    What can you say. It's a cable, and it works.It does what it says on the box. I can't verify it is actually CAT-6, but it supports full-speed Gigabit Ethernet without problems.


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