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  • Does the job over short-med distance

    posted by jhgreenstein

    Not a lot to say but it does the job well and costs very little.It is just a connector. There is no amplifications or balun or any electronics at all.The R G and B signals are simly sent over the 4 CAT5 pairs and I've tried these at about 15 meters and the results are good for a VGA screen less good for a mouse over CAT5 connection.
    This rule about 500 characters sucks. Why can't you post a short one line review??
    well worth trying.
  • Excelent

    posted by Rodrigossss

    I bought to use in a decoder (skybox) to release the usb input which is currently the wi-fi adapter, unfortunately to no avail, because the unit does not have the option to configure properly.More works perfectly on the router.The material is very sturdy and small, and the USB ports have RJ 45 quality
    Should report equipment that is compatible with the device facilitate enough.
    Work is to search for the device you want to use.nothing to declare
  • Extend your short cables

    posted by Adezwart

    There are enough adapters in this pack, so you can afford to loose one. They work as they should and are build as good as they get. Not much to mess up with these thing, as they are simple by nature.
    Cheap and always handy to have around to house if you need to extend a cable or two (or more) and don't have enough spare cable to make a new cable.
    Good and cheap adapters.
  • Wonderful!

    posted by maarius

    I have used this one for communicating with a Cisco 2950 Series, works fine. Remember to set correct speed for the COM-port reader for your specific switch before using, or else it will not work. Good quality cable, feels nice. No real cons. Very similar to the one Cisco sends with their switches. (without "Cisco" markings" )
    An absolute need for a networking administrator. A cheap cable with a million uses. When you buy, it is recommended to buy more than one; the cables are easy to loose!
    Great cable, no questions asked. Good buy!
  • Simple but good

    posted by [email protected]

    In my previous review i had written that i only had a low network througput. But that was because ther still a 10 kb switch in my network.After removing this switch the network throughput was ok for me.Gigabytes speed works ok.The build quality of this product is good.
    Now i don't need switches anaymore in my house for my computer placed at the top floor of my house.
    Next time i buy this product again

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