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It's very convenient for you to find the rj45 crimping you want at our online shop. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

rj45 crimping Customers Reviews

  • Good thing if you don't have to crimp cables every day

    posted by alik_ginger

    1. It has cutting tool and stripping tool2. It crimps RJ45 well.
    I've never used it to crimp telephone connectors, so I can't say anything about this
    If you want to order it, I advice to order external stripping tool as well
  • Excellent price and quality!

    posted by Niles

    Genuine AMP plugs in factory boxing (like already mentioned, with a Chinese sticker on it). Excellent price for consumer, hard to find smaller boxes for this price in Northern Europe. Also it is the very good quality you can expect from AMP.
    Tried them with few cables using SKU 3530 crimping tool. All passed tests without any problems.
    For DYI people it's a must to own RJ45 plugs and crimping tool (SKU 3530 for example). You'll never know when you need a customized cable...
  • excellent price

    posted by terry68

    Excellent price. they cost 75c for 1 in Ireland so the price for twenty is a must.I run network cables for people and this has saved me a lot of money. This is my only shop for them from now on.
    Go buy them even just to have them sitting there because you never know when you will move your modem and have to make a longer cable.
    At the price they are, you could not go wrong, Buy them.
  • Great tool, worth the price

    posted by antoniogafe

    Less than half the price than in a hardware shop, with excellent build quality.
    For DIY fans, this is a must-have tool. Do not hesitate to pickcup one. You never know when you will need it and then it tis too late to wait for it to arrive from HK.Do not forget to purchase the connectors. You have 50 pcs bags, enough for a long time average user.
    Excellent qualiity-price ratio. Useful and necessary tool.
  • Great!

    posted by StevenW1989

    CheapGood qualityGreat connectorsThe connect-things on the top are good, no cheap clickers like some of the less-expensive arenone of them damaged when received (+ shipped in solid box)There is not much to tell about else. They are just good like most of the other brands are too. But the price/quality aspect is just great :).
    I would buy another box if I needed them, but 100 are enough for me at the moment :).
    Buy buy buy! In the retail shop they are about 20 cents per piece. You do the math.. :)

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