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rj-45 network cable

This is our best rj-45 network cable, they all share a great design and great prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can also browse the network cable 5m, network cable white, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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rj-45 network cable Customers Reviews

  • Best Cable

    posted by tz2026

    No-snags work but you can also remove the connector from the jack without pliers.Flat and very flexible. Easy to move.Cable is recognized as 1000Mbps!!!
    Just get these in their various lengths, especially with the bulkrate discount. They work at 1Gb. Being thin and flexible, they are easily routed around the connector. And they are half the cost of the standard cables. They just work, and work well.
    I will be recycling the other stiff and hard to use cables.
  • great 1m cable network cable

    posted by nickbrandwood

    good cable, well made and sturdy. 1m is great for from the hub to a device that is located near the hub.
    I think that this is almost the same price I can get on Amazon for a 3 day delivery. Considering the time wait to get this from China, I don't think I'll bother buying another from Deal Extreme unless I'm not in a hurry for it to arrive...
    Good cable, if you can't get it for the same price in a local store or online then I would recommend, but otherwise I'd look for a closer-to-home solution.
  • Very Sturdy and Pretty Cable

    posted by Morvan

    Strong, well weaved. Looks sturdy and well constructed.
    Spares time over having to crimp even for technicians, like me.
    Universal pattern (568 - stated A, for me its is B); it is secure to use it as a patch cable, if necessary.
    Connectors are very standard, do not giving some work for putting on female side.
    Pack brings too much poor information (at least, in English). Technical description of the cable did be welcome.
    Buy it if you need a cable for heavy duty and not too long.
  • seems to work!

    posted by MannyT

    really cheap. home depot has these suckers for about 10-15$ more than what i payed for. it seems to be of good quality. i noticed about a 10-20% increase in dowload speed. its even better if your using it to share a network with other PC's
    packaging was tough to open, had to use a serrated stake knife. im not complaining, i actually liked it. protected the contents well, and proves no tampering with the products inside. ive received other products from DX in saran wrap or zip lock bags.... i kinda wish every product was shipped this way, haha.
    great product. noticeable difference, CHEAP !!!... if your going to get one, i recommend getting a few, or longer than what you need. if its too long just zip tie what you dont need. its better to get it bigger in case you need it for later, and you cant complain about the price... COME ON home depot!!! you charge 5 times more than what DX does !!!.. REALLY ?!?!
  • Good product

    posted by beststorm

    Its good to be placed in the floor or below rugs. I got really impressed on how thin it is. Its thinner than those sata cables, almost half height. Its very malleable and light.
    You still have to know that the cables arent the most important thing in network speed. You can get real fast speeds even with not so good cables. Remember to look to your network adapter and hub/switch/router too.
    I'm satisfied. I bought them cause i tought they were cheapest than any cable i could find here. I wish i had bought the 3M version, cause 5M is more than i expected. I bought also a 1M version and its pefect to carry in my pocket or netbook bag cause its very thin and light.


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