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  • Work as advertised

    posted by YTTM

    Quality feel, work as it should. I mostly using it to charge my smartphone in car. I like fact that charger have two charging ports which gives me the opportunity to using it for charging of my phone and navigation at same time!
    Nothing specially, maybe it would be good if charger come with cord, with possibility to choose during ordering between micro-usb and iPhone for example.
    Good, useful gadget.
  • Cute Toy Car Shaped Silicone Egg Pancake Ring

    posted by natalia505

    It's a very nice car shaped egg/pancake ring. The material is silicone. There is a specific rubber smell, but I know that it will go out very soon. The colour of this pancake ring is blue (as mentioned by the seller). The dimentions are exactly the same as are indicated in the description.
    It was packed in an ordinary PVC package. If you buy it dor present, you should find another package for it.
    This product is of high quality. If you would like to make a sirprise for your son, buy it for sure! he will be happy! This pancake ring is especially good for great funs of cars, trucks an so on!
  • Very good!

    posted by fran82

    -It seems very well built, better quality than other "no name" air compressors. Smells good.-Good retail box. Ideal for reselling, but all the text outside the box is in Chinese except the manual.-It is tiny! very compact, you can store it in your glove box, even in a motorbike.-Includes a well translated to English Manual. Easy to understand.-It has a SMALL FAN INSIDE!!! that cools the electric motor and maybe the "cylinder" of the compressor (please keep the vents clear to allow air flow and read manual for the maximun working time to avoid overheating and damage).-The switch seems good quality and seems to last.-It is made of "soft rubber", I mean, the case is soft to the touch, seems a quality item. Also has 4 rubber pads in the bottom to avoid slidding on a surface when working (hmmm).-It is not very loud (I have seen others very very loud).-The hose is good, and the "connector" or "chuck" is a "screw in" type, ve
    -When inflating tires at more than 50 psi the duty cycle is only 5 minutes. It means you have to use it for 5 minutes, then let it cool during 15-30 minutes and work 5 minutes again. If you inflate at the "normal" inflating presure (2-3 kg/cm2) you can use it for 15 minutes, then let it cool during 15-30 minutes and work 15 minutes again. (If you dont follow the instructions it may be damaged, do at your own risk).
    It is a well made, nice looking, compact inflator. Perfect even for carrying in a motorbike, or in the glovebox of your car..... I will buy again if needed.
  • Looks great as if original item

    posted by morpheuske

    Looks very good on side of the steering wheel on top of the keyhole. Attaches very easily because of the preapplied 3M double sided tape.Overall I'm very pleased with this item and would suggest it to everyone who doesn't want to spend top dollars to upgrade his vehicle.
    Before removing 3M tape, look very good to sort out the rotation of the key because placement is final :)
    Very good item for a low price. Would recommend it to everyone.

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