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rifle dot sight

On this page, you can find a wide selection of rifle dot sight. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

rifle dot sight Customers Reviews

  • 4-reticle red dot sight

    posted by Trombley

    + Great design, really light weight, small+ AR coated lens+ Wide field of view- biggest pros of open reflex sight+ 7 levels of brightness+ 4 different reticles (dot, circle, cross, cross with circle)+ Fully adjustable+ Easy electronic, can be repaired+ Came with all needed accessories- wrenches, lens cover, cleaning cloth
    • At night I recommend to use dot reticle, because others are too bright at night. During day I use circle reticle
    Without changing LED it is hard to use it during day, if there is lot of sun it is unusable. After changing LED it is great.
  • very good product

    posted by geretti

    the product is very funcional and this is not a weak one. it´s easy to use. The possibility to use the green or de red dot in diferent kinds of scenarios is very cool. I play paintball and use to play in urban scenarios ou even in the forest. i dont had problems until now.
    it´s is a very good option for paintball players ou even for those that like to hunt in the woods. this stays very tight im my paintball marker,
    i aproved the product and coudn´t more satisfied
  • Evaluation

    posted by Momm

    I liked the red dot product, it fits perfectly on the rail, the bolt threads are excellent, product arrived packed and in perfect condition, I play paintball and affirm, as the setting for his sights on a paintball marker is optimal in easy use and handling. the battery life is excellent, there is a green light to regulate both, and for red light, perfect for anyone who uses both in the dark about the course, choosing which color best suits the environment.
    Recommended product performs its function superbly.
    Excellent cost benefit.
  • as i expected

    posted by granvillan

    i bought this with the intent to mount on either an airsoft or my rifle, i currently have it on my ruger .22 and it works really well. easy to mount, adjust and use. i left it on once by accident but then found out in the box it even came with a second battery! it's only a aperture sight so accuracy changes deping on how you look. it's been great only this i wish is that the dots were a little more fine.
    worth it no matter what you intend to use it on
  • Nice green/red sot

    posted by djchriz

    For the price how can you go wrong? Is nice and small and has wonderful weight to it. Also the green/red is a huge plus, most high end expensive dot sights just come with red. The dots are clear and are easily seen outside in bight light or at night without any glare. The power levels do change the brightness considerably. Fits perfectly on a universal rail.
    What you get is well worth the price, compered to other high end sights, this one does its job and is amazing cool, im happy I purchased it and you cant go wrong!
    Looking for a great little re/green dot? Buy this-one, well worth it. Another great purchase from DX!

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