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rgb strip remote

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rgb strip remote Customers Reviews

  • GREAT controller but sometimes too sensitive

    posted by bertd

    Great controller, design is sleek and modern.
    Has the touch interface like the 'livingcolors' trademark from ph*l*ps
    Touch weel goed very well (sometimes too well, see below)
    connecting it to the ledstrips is h*ll.. color codes on wires DO NOT MATCH colors of light, so it is just trial and error (I ordered two and the wires were two times differently coded.. so the guy soldering it to the controller just did this at random :(
    Good buy for the money, expensive look, modern and intuitive design/function for color selection BUT difficult for the fading/strobo pattern programs
  • Fantastic quality and perfect light!

    posted by eagleeye123

    CheapSticks to nearly any surfaceCan be cut in the lenght you needGood variety of programmed settingsRGB-ledsVery flexible strip
    Could have gone with a RF-remote, but all in all not a huge issue.
    One of the best quality led-strips i have purchased, with a fantastic variety of colours, this is a recommended purchase!It's also possible to combine this strip with the an arduino shield and really get into automating the lighting.
  • Great product, easy to use

    posted by kazz1980

    Great item. Very bright LEDs, everything included to set up. This includes the light strip, controller box, power adapter and remote control. Ally you might addiotionally need is some extra wires since the wire from the adapter is relatively short and black.
    Take care with sticking the strip to an object. To get a good grip you need to put quite some pressure on the strip, however you don't want to crack components on the strip while doing so. There is more then enough room on the strip to put pressure on without breaking anything. The strip is also sensitive for static electricity. Though it's very unlikely this will cause any damage it might be a good idea to ground yourself before installing (just hold the central heating or touch an earth wire before installment).
    Great item for a great price. Include the great service of DX and you can't go wrong with buying this LED strip! Regards, a very satisfied customer!
  • very cool for kids rooms

    posted by FudgeNZ

    great low power mood lighting. I use these in our kids rooms and run them along the walls to provide mood lighting at night.
    they provide very good background light, definitely not enough to read under, but along side a lamp they are great.
    having the remote control means you can work it and turn it off without having to go and disturb people in the room also.
    I power 2 x lengths of this using a 10amp power supply, also bought from DX!
    we plan on getting more to run round our deck to provide lighting for edges at night.
    great mood lighting for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Sensitive to other IR-controlled devices

    posted by Stalle0910

    Strong construction, doesn’t feel cheap at all. Every led worked. 3M tape on backside that stick really well to materials. Nice remote control. The ledstrip can be cut to a specific length with a pair of scissors at certain positions of the strip. It doesn’t show where to cut, but if you look at the backside of the strip, it’s where you see the copper and a few micro holes, thet reappear every 20 cm or so. If you have two strips you can attach the together using the cable connectors. The strip can be bent in tight up and down, but cannot be bent sideways. Whan I mounted behind my tv I made the corners by curving the strip in a small bow.
    Not really
    Very priceworthy, however if you are thinking like me and want to have it as ambient light behind a tv, you might want to reconsider using a led strip without remote. A workaround can also be to direct the IR-reciever so that you can change light from an angle that other remotes don't reach.

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