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rgb strip controller

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rgb strip controller Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product!

    posted by Zazá

    This LED strip is really nice. The lights are bright with nice colors! It is true RGB! The remote control works perfectly and you can adjust the intensity and the color of the lights. There are several memory key so you can also store specific colors/intensity you create yourself with the remote controller.
    Package could be a little stronger!
    I will certainly buy some more LED strips! My family was amazed when I turned on the strip. At full intensity, the LEDs were so bright that created a really nice atmosphere in my living room.
  • Really good strip

    posted by H3rv3

    All working. The remote control is really sensitive.The effects are nice and it looks really cool.The quality seems good enough. The 5050 LEDS are better than the 3528 as they give light from the same chip
    It in the Christmas tree right now and looks super cool
    Good deal, cannot see better anywhere else.Looking forward to have the same with individually addressable pixels!
  • Fantastic quality and perfect light!

    posted by eagleeye123

    CheapSticks to nearly any surfaceCan be cut in the lenght you needGood variety of programmed settingsRGB-ledsVery flexible strip
    Could have gone with a RF-remote, but all in all not a huge issue.
    One of the best quality led-strips i have purchased, with a fantastic variety of colours, this is a recommended purchase!It's also possible to combine this strip with the an arduino shield and really get into automating the lighting.
  • very good

    posted by guilhermeao

    well, works very good, have 3 led terminals so you can connect 3 led strips or led modules and if you install a repeater you can make this system infinite. The sense of mic is nice and have a good regulation. Works fine and have 2 programs for working with music, very light and very good build quality.
    worth if you need a led controller with music sensor
  • Reacts to others' remote commanders

    posted by Artmix

    Very small, light weight. Smooth transition in FADE mode.
    So that, if you want to use this device together with TV, you will get a surprise! Especially when illuminating the room in the dark and use TV remote commander you can get a bright white flash.
    If you want to use this device without surprises, do not use others remote commanders in same room.

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