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rgb light strip

Welcome to our rgb light strip online shop. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse car light strips or 5w light strip to find what you are looking for. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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rgb light strip Customers Reviews

  • Makes life easy!

    posted by davemalcolm

    Very useful for when you've cut your LED strip and want to use multiple control units. Solderless connection is strong and tight, male pins fit perfectly into female jack. Wires are colour coded inside the main white cord so you can strip it and modify or extend the cord.
    The only thing that makes it male is the little male-male pins on one side. These should be for sale separately as well.
    I will be ordering more of these in bulk to keep in my kit. Best way to save money on multiple LED strip projects is buy 5m strips, cut them and use these to attached to control units.
  • Nice item but watch out: common cathode!

    posted by mrnmrnmrn

    * these strips are really bright!
    * well made, strip is completely embedded in 5mm thick clear plastic on both sides, means the flexible circuit and smt resistors are well protected from damage (unlike some of the other paper-thin strips)
    * you don't need to look twice to see this should be 100% waterproof
    * clearly marked where you can cut off 3-led sections if you need less than a full metre.
    * prewired with 25cm leads (RGB+white common cathode) joined into mini 4-pin connector
    * although not mentioned in the details, this includes a mini controller (I guess it wouldn't otherwise make sense to have an RGB strip, with a plain 12V connection and no way to change colours). You can just about see this in the picture, it's around 1" long and covered in black heatshrink. This is fitted with 60cm lead and runs straight from a 12V dc supply.
    * controller didn't come with power socket as pictured, mine just had bare wires. but then I wasn't expecting any of it anyway!
    * Not as nice to look at as the black pvc strips (where the flexible circuit is black, and they paint over the smt resistors). But this is definitely more robust than those 1-2mm thin pvc-coated strips, and I'd certainly favour this one if you need something waterproof.
    * Nice product if you want a bright, waterproof RGB strip and your driving circuit expects a common cathode.
    * DX really should specify if their RGB strips are common anode or common cathode :(
  • It's an ok LED strip, but uses single red/green/blue LEDs

    posted by nitro2k01

    All LEDs work. The strip seems to be using genuine 3M double sided adhesive tape on the back. Strip is covered in a clear silicone material. All components are mounted. (On some cheaper strips you have to solder the resistors yourself.) The strip can be directly connected to a 12V supply or RGB controller.
    When taking the strip out of the bag, you can feel a smell of a solvent, maybe alcohol or acetone. This goes away after 24 hours, but maybe the factory should let the product dry overnight before packing it in an airtight bag.Product differs slightly from photo. I have reported this to dx and they will probably fix it soon.
    It's an ok LED strip for the price, but be aware uses single red/green/blue LEDs if you want a strip with RGB diodes.
  • Great RGB Strip!

    posted by jason3947

    -the colour mixing on the smd's is perfect.
    -very bendy strip, can go around corners
    -very bright! more than expected!
    colours mix even when looking directly into source! thats soo helpfull. no need for diffusers
    -colours easly made: red, green, blue, teal, yellow, purple/pink, pure white light!
    with only turning off individual colours.(no pwm or cld)
    - seems really long for 1 meter.
    - makes me want to put accent lighting everywhere!
    -could use for underglow
    -great for colour mixing on close up and visible surfaces.
    - super cheap price for what you get. well worth the price!
  • Great LED strip

    posted by ChrSch

    - Very bright- brightness and colour equal between all LEDs- wide angle, no visible spots at a distance of 30cm, very homogeneous!- silicone cover can be easily detached- divideable every 3 LEDs- Controller is working fine with 1m of this strip
    Still trying to figure out what to do with the last cm of the strip...I think it is a good decision to take the 300 insted of the 150 strip!
    I'm using most of the strip for a DIY Ambilight, working fine since over a year. No broken LED yet! Same with a wardrobe lightened by another 1m of this strip. This is where the controller is used - no problem so far!I will definetly buy them again once needed. I think it is well worth the money.


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