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rgb light strip

Welcome to our rgb light strip online shop. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse car light strips or 5w light strip to find what you are looking for. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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rgb light strip Customers Reviews

  • Great LEDs at a great price

    posted by dcubed

    High quality LEDs.
    The controller melted down on me after less than half an hour of use at ~13 V with a full string of LEDs. I opened it up and replaced the driver transistors with TIP120 med-power darlingtons with small heat sinks and it's been fine since. I would recommend this mod to anyone that plans to use the controller with a full string.
    The controller is really just a bonus considering the great price on these LEDs. And with a little effort it can be made to work properly.
  • It's an ok LED strip, but uses single red/green/blue LEDs

    posted by nitro2k01

    All LEDs work. The strip seems to be using genuine 3M double sided adhesive tape on the back. Strip is covered in a clear silicone material. All components are mounted. (On some cheaper strips you have to solder the resistors yourself.) The strip can be directly connected to a 12V supply or RGB controller.
    When taking the strip out of the bag, you can feel a smell of a solvent, maybe alcohol or acetone. This goes away after 24 hours, but maybe the factory should let the product dry overnight before packing it in an airtight bag.Product differs slightly from photo. I have reported this to dx and they will probably fix it soon.
    It's an ok LED strip for the price, but be aware uses single red/green/blue LEDs if you want a strip with RGB diodes.
  • Bright RGB Ledstrip

    posted by trickster2011

    - Cheap RGB ledstrip- No Ledcontroller needed, directy to 12V- semi-waterproof sealed- Hardplasic cover- Very BrightGood for building Moodlight.Good for Club lightning
    I have got now 7 ledstrips, plans to order more !
    ships very quicklyVery Cheap and very bright Ledstipit's the cheapest ledstrip i have found in the entire internet
  • Great Light strip.

    posted by LuMen2

    Nice clear colors,
    You can bend it very nice,
    Nice self pasting strip on the back
    easy to connect a other strip to it
    Its a very nice RGB led strip for a realy good price! i connected it to a audio RGB controller and i use it in my car to chance on the sound of the music and i works very nice! i ordered 2 more inmidietly!
  • Nice led Kit!

    posted by drkrd

    -Cheap price-Easy installation-Wireless Control-Bright enough to enlight behind a frosted glass
    Could have come with th 12V DC adaptor for In home
    It's a nice RBG Led controller, easy to use. I might buy another one! I installed it in my New computer Desk and it looks Awesome! I will sure post picture / Video to show the result!


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