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Finding your favorite rgb light remote is easy in our product catagories. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. light rgb set and light rgb sound are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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rgb light remote Customers Reviews

  • Super!

    posted by Tessa25

    It is a wonderful bulb with a beautiful light , you have the possibility to change the colour of the light. It gives you nice atmosphere of miracle and mysteriousness.
    Generally I am satisfied with a build quality. I bought it just because I have never had such a bulb before at home, but now I am not quite sure what I will do with that bulb now.
    If you like it and need it then buy it and you will not regret your purchase.
  • Nice Toy

    posted by tfrangel

    As advertised, it is colorful. The bulb is easy to install (regular screw bulb)It is a good toy. You can probably spend several minutes exploring the wide range of colors available. Also has the fade option in the remote control.The control comes with several options for automatic color change, in a random fashion, including gradual change (fade) and abrupt change (strobe). I have not yet figure out how "flash" and "smooth" differ from the other two options.
    Fair advertisement.It would be nice to be able to control the speed of fade.
    I do not regret buying this as a toy. I will use as decorative light.
  • Nice effect, no white light

    posted by reusjep

    Spot feels solid and functions right away.Comes with a remote with a battery included. It's possible to choose a variety of colors and tints.Nice to use as moodlight or at parties.The remote has an on/off switch and a few fade effects
    For parties and small appliances this is a good buy. Just for fun or as a little present.The light quality is a little bit disappointing
    Overall a funny gadget for a reasonable price. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • great product

    posted by andreamattioni

    The light bulb is very easy to use, just place it in the spot and turn on, no manuals are required to operate and the materials quality is great.Really cool :) good packaging. Easy to use, no instructions needed. Just unbox mount in the lamp yoy want to pimp out and enjoy :) Remote comes with battery included, just remove the plastic cover and your good to go.-Solid construction-Cheap-Awesome for parties
    Highly recommended. Great buy for the price.
    Will buy another one!
  • AMAZING LED Strip *Cheap and Bright*

    posted by Killabird12

    This light is amazing. It is very bright, flexible and easy to use. Plug and Play. The whole strip was intact when I got it and I live in Canada. It is the cheapest LED Strip that I saw. It even has a 44 Key Remote while all the others only have a 24 key Remote. It is even extremely bright. I had a 9V power supply spare at home and it matched the polarity of the controller and so I used it. The power supply only supplied the LED Strip with 9V instead of the 12V the LED can handle and it was still extremely bright.
    Aside from the 1 Con, this LED strip is a steal deal. I bought this to put it in my indian instrument and it was perfect for the job. It is extremely bright inside the instrument and it dazzles people whenever I do a gig. I put it above my kitchen cabinets before I put it in my instrument and it looked amazing.
    Everyone should buy this even if they don't need it because they will eventually find a use for it. It is perfect for any job and will dazzle people when they see this anywhere.

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