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  • Works as advertised mostly!

    posted by Elecy

    Works great as advertised! You can select the individual colors from the remote, there's only slight differences between them but it does give you a bit more controll over the specific color you want. the buttons are clicky and it works fairy well in general.
    Basic functions:
    Flash: goes between 7 colors: red, blue, green, white, purplish, turquose, yellow-orange.
    strobe: fades the white color light in and out only.
    fade: fades between the primary colors but basically blends from one color into another color so its alot of different colors
    smooth: This one is wierd, it just jumps from red to blue to green, it doesnt 'fade' or 'blend' like blend does, so i'm not sure why they call this smooth?
    I bought this unit to replace another unit i thought was broken that i had previously purchased here, but in fact the original unit works great still (power issue on my part). This unit works just fine also after some modification. Also the light up and light down function on the remote basically brights or dims the light if you have a solid color selected, if you have one of the program modes selected (like fade or pulse or smooth) it speeds up or slows down these functions.
    I think the buttons on my remote are all mixed up or the unit is not set up very well. I did a little rewiring to hook up my own connector for my specific strip lights, and after doing so, the primary color buttons are mixed up, The red button makes a blue light, the green button makes a red light, the blue button makes a green light. Now its possible that i just wired them backwards, but why do the function buttons not make sense either? Flash is actually smoothly transitioning between the 7 colors, meanwhile 'smooth' jumps from red to blue to green, very quicly with no transition or fading? I think the remote is labeled incorrectly or the chip inside the box is messed up backwards.
    While it works great for the most part, and i can go in and resolder the leads to make the buttons actually do the right colors, it wont ever fix the 'program' buttons, not a HUGE deal though. For under 8 bucks this is the cheapest controller box you can find, and it does basic functions just fine, IF my original box had been fried, this would have been a sufficient replacement to get the most out of my lights.
    I dont regret the purchase besides the fact that i dont need it so its just kind of a backup now other than that, a nice cheap box that mostly gets the job done with a little confusion at first!
  • Awesome Light Strip

    posted by ivanerasmus

    Each LED produces color for example if you select red each led is red, thus producing a more even and brighter light when selecting other colors for example yellow or whitea good range of colors available
    one of the best options for lights stripsprice is great and quality couldn't be betterproduces lots of light and easily able to hide
  • very cool for kids rooms

    posted by FudgeNZ

    great low power mood lighting. I use these in our kids rooms and run them along the walls to provide mood lighting at night.
    they provide very good background light, definitely not enough to read under, but along side a lamp they are great.
    having the remote control means you can work it and turn it off without having to go and disturb people in the room also.
    I power 2 x lengths of this using a 10amp power supply, also bought from DX!
    we plan on getting more to run round our deck to provide lighting for edges at night.
    great mood lighting for indoor or outdoor use.


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