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rgb led faucet

This is our best rgb led faucet, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. rgb led lamp and 10w rgb led are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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rgb led faucet Customers Reviews

  • Great little helper

    posted by Rabgiliszta

    Very easy to install, comes with 2 adapters so you can mount it to 3 different sizes. Also no leaks anywhere.Reacts to water temperature very quickly, and easy to understand the colors even for small children, so they can easily avoid getting burnt.
    The little turbine provides a humming noise that could be a problem in quiet environments.The threads in the unit and the adapter are plastic, so if you twist the unit too strong when mounting, you can easily break the thread.We have very hard water, so time will tell, how the unit will operate with some limescale added.
    Good value for the price, an absolute must for families with children or elderly people, to avoid accidents from hot water burns.
  • Generates its own power

    posted by NYmed

    It works. You can blow air through the top and it lights up green. A generator spins from the flow of water so no batteries are required.
    It's a cool gift for kids.
    Try your best to determine if the threads will fit your faucet but it's cheap and a cool gift for yourself or others. For $5 its worth the risk it may not work. I don't know about the long term durability of this.
  • Beyond all my expectations !!!

    posted by Eudocio72

    Chrome elegance at it's best. Probably the most beautiful faucet available in DX. Certainly very rich and luxurious looking and build quality is extremely good. Surprisingly silent for a battery free faucet. Infact so silent that it makes you think that it has to be battery powered. Brightness of the LED(There is only one) increases with the water flow and changes it's color with the temperature. Came neatly packed. Had to get it through the customs. Yet I had to pay only about 2 dollars for the customs as the value marked in the package was only 15 dollars. ;). Unlike LED faucets that are made of glass you can't see the LED directly because it's in the rear of the faucet.Since it is in the rear and it's surrounded by shiny chrome walls, light gets totally internally reflected and the light travels with the water flow that passes through the LED all the way down to the wash basin. It looks so amazing !!!
    I'm uploading some photos of the faucet where I took some measurements with my caliper. If you need some more dimensions let me know. Please note that photos of the functioning faucet is taken in an experimental setup as I'm still constructing my new bathroom of my new house. Once done I'll upload some more photos of the faucet working in different temperatures as well. Please don't mind the looks of the experimental setup. Please check out the video as well.
    If you want an extra rich looking faucet for your bathroom, look no further. This is the one to buy. Buy it. You won't regret it.
  • Cheap Battery-Free Faucet Light

    posted by Saddam197511

    - Very easy to install! juyst take a wrench and remove old filter- it fits to all european taps when original filter is removed- The colors are very bright and instinctive- Water flow is more than enough- It saves an a enormous amount of water. I did a test by keeping track of the water usage and it went in a week from 100 to 30%- The noise output of the generator is not a problem at all i think. If you hear it to much you are using to much water ;-)
    It are interesting a gadget, good assemblage which isn't so reliable, in my opinion, but it works till now. Though there was a moment when light vanished, for some time, but after all again worked.
    nothing to say
  • Very cool gadget!

    posted by Ghnommik

    Easy to install. Easy of use - just roll up on faucet and enjoy beautiful and amazing colours! Really 3 (+1) mode (colour). Working sharp.
    slightly extend the mixer itself - not very suitable for short mixers - better to install the highly elevated above the sink faucet. Good light on the sink and hands - you can not turn on the lights
    a very good buy. I bought it for my little boy - he is delighted and happy to wash their hands every day. buy and you will not regret!

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