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rgb lamp Customers Reviews

  • Christmas is here !!

    posted by Herdismh

    does what is promised. Brightness is exelant like you can see on my youtube video....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1gey3nIr8M
    I had to make alot of experiments to make it work like i would like.....received 2 pcs of controllers that i wanted to control by one remote ....nahhh forget..timings are totally different.... so i tried to connect two 5m strips in serial with one controller nahhh second one not as bright as first....then solution is.. connect one controller paralell to two 5 m led strips...whola...:-)result is youtube.....
    like it.... cheap.....little experimentation...so what...thats what i do every day....:-)
  • Very good, very efficient

    posted by tonymoey

    The product is as expected. Works fine, lights up when car is at speeds of above 90 Km/h. Delivery parcel was well protected and arrived on time. I think this is a nice little toy that can act like a safety thingy when your headlights go bust at night. This will keep your car lighted at least. I'm not sure what else to write but you should buy it first to try. I wished there were other colors tho'
    none yet but do wish there were other colors to choose from, say blue or pink?
    buy it, it's cheap.
  • very nice, some pushbuttons dont work as they should

    posted by gerben37

    very bright light, great to see in actionall the materials to connect the light are delivered in one shipment. Great featerus, flash light, scope even their is a funtion to dim the lights.
    maybe it is a thought to deliver a powersupply with it to use it in house and not only in a car
    great and easy to use, if i needed more i would order some more.
  • Basic night LED lamps.

    posted by zxMarce

    Cheap, but it could be even cheaper, given the quality of the materials and this (http://www.dx.com/p/169733).Three units were shipped. Boxes smashed, but contents unharmed.No voltage selector needed, they run either on 110V or 220V.They're colourful... They do have three LEDs inside: One RED, one GREEN, one BLUE. They're ON the whole time the device is powered.
    Plugged it in (220V) for a day to see if it bends or catches fire. Fortunately, it did not, but is not a lot reassuring, as I wanted them for kids' night light...Maybe I'll scrap them and use the parts. I feel safer.
    Theoretically, under 110V it should dissipate half the power, not get very hot, and be therefore safer than under 220V.Would not recommend for 220V.
  • Works Perfect,Not Real RGB LEDS

    posted by nielspronk

    Works very good, with the controller included you can choose many types of blinking and fades,YOu can choose the speed of fade or jumps (from color to color)
    The "cut part" is not every 10 cm or every 15cm but 10cm than 15 cm than 10 etc etcwas a little bit a con for me.
    Good price works very very good,really happy with it, i made a suite with less inside with this strips

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