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rgb lamp remote Customers Reviews

  • Awesome Light Strip

    posted by ivanerasmus

    Each LED produces color for example if you select red each led is red, thus producing a more even and brighter light when selecting other colors for example yellow or whitea good range of colors available
    one of the best options for lights stripsprice is great and quality couldn't be betterproduces lots of light and easily able to hide
  • Bright

    posted by heng84

    Great product seriously.. im running this led with a driver.. im not sure if this can be run from ac current...since the wires are in brown and blue.. i am not too sure about it..
    i use this to colour up my feature walls.. i dint expect it to be extremely bright.. but it was good for a 10w lamp.
    bought four of these it really brightens up my pond feature wall.. im definitely loving this light for many mroe years to come
  • Good quality bulb

    posted by khaglun

    Looks awesome! Great quality! Fast shipment and no damage. This come wrapped in bubble plastic. Easy to install and worked fine. Remote control works good to. You can choose white light too.
    The light is nicest if you use it on a lamp that facing the roof. Then you get to see the cool formation in crystal bulb.
    Super to use in bedroom on your night table lamp. Nice bulb to look at and its relay stands out in the room. Run and buy. Maybe too different bulbs can be recommended :)
  • Good light, but ...

    posted by Emdot

    Nice light levels for a bedroom or similar sized room
    Nice color selection
    The Fade option on the remote provides a disco style look
    Has a rubber seal, making it seem waterproof (I haven't tested that myself)
    Before buying this, unless you're in Australia, make sure you have the following:
    1) 2 wire cable (the hole that the cable goes through is too small for a good 3 wire)
    2) Soldering iron and solder
    3) Heat shrink wrapping (you could use electrical tape, but heat shrink is better)
    Work carefully, there's not much room to make a mistake with a hot soldering iron.
    Buy it if you can do the 20 minutes of tinkering it'll take. You won't be sorry. Unless, of course, you want to light too big an area.
  • Value for price

    posted by djbenami

    * Good value for price* Overall works great.* I have no idea what some of the remote buttons do (Flash, and what's the difference between smooth and fade)
    I guess for the price it's an OK product. I would have enjoyed a better range much more. Makes it an annoyance for what I intend to do with it.
    It's OK

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