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rgb cable Customers Reviews

  • Very good connectors

    posted by prOOwner89

    Very good qualitynice finish of the connector and cableeasy to soldersturdy connection from cable to connector (it doesn't feel like you are putting pressure on the connections from cable to connector when pulling on the cable
    I used it in the car so i used zip ties to keep male and female together because of the vibrations in a car. when you would use it around the house it wouldn't be needed.
    Get this if you are looking for something to make plug and play ledstrips
  • Makes life easy!

    posted by davemalcolm

    Very useful for when you've cut your LED strip and want to use multiple control units. Solderless connection is strong and tight, male pins fit perfectly into female jack. Wires are colour coded inside the main white cord so you can strip it and modify or extend the cord.
    The only thing that makes it male is the little male-male pins on one side. These should be for sale separately as well.
    I will be ordering more of these in bulk to keep in my kit. Best way to save money on multiple LED strip projects is buy 5m strips, cut them and use these to attached to control units.
  • Can't go wrong

    posted by elomy2010

    I have ordered these several times and it seems like I always find a use for them. They are sturdy and inexpensive. Then ends are pre-tinned so you can just grab a pair and put them to use immediately.
    When you run out of them you will want more. Order extras now so you don't run out.
    If this is what you need - Buy it!Cheaper than anywhere else I've seen, good to have on hand.. No reason not to have them!
  • Perfect if you need SCART

    posted by gephardt

    This is great if you need a SCART cable for a Wii. I had difficulty finding one in a shop where I am located, and shipping was included. The price is great. The build quality is excellent. The cable is covered with the kind of material you would expect on a broadcast quality cable- very slick and not prone to catch on anything at all.
    Shipping was fast and no problem. I was surprised it was here so quickly.
    For the price, this is a great product and does just what you need if you require a SCART connection for your Wii.
  • good product. works great

    posted by benvandeneijnde

    Good product...very effective...if you kbow how it works.I had a broken ledstrip from deal extreme..the last two meters were wrong colour or off.I just cut a small part where the error occured and with this good product ..iput them together again, now they work great again..all equal colour..just have a small gap ofcours where this product is holdibg the two parts together.
    Good product...cheap..just buy cause it can become always handy when ledstrips are broken partly.
    I will buy this product again..very handy

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