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rgb 5050 waterproof

This is our best rgb 5050 waterproof, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Find more hot gadgets at flexible 5050 rgb and rgb 5050 remote. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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rgb 5050 waterproof Customers Reviews

  • Awesome Light Strip

    posted by ivanerasmus

    Each LED produces color for example if you select red each led is red, thus producing a more even and brighter light when selecting other colors for example yellow or whitea good range of colors available
    one of the best options for lights stripsprice is great and quality couldn't be betterproduces lots of light and easily able to hide
  • Light-Up your day : Whatever your mood is !!!

    posted by DexterP

    The price is quite good for the product ! Really : 5 meters of RGB LED strip WITH the controller ? Common ... who can beat that price !????The light is pretty good, not too much tho ... just fine for a normal room, not a Disco ...Fully adjustable, light quantity and speed, .. depending ...The plugs are already meant for each other : no tampering needed.Great remote control reception !
    You can it at lenghth you need ... every 4 inches...I installed these on the ceiling, then the rest under a shelf, than the last 3 LEDs stand alone, on the same power supply as the "under the shelf" LEDs ... this is SOoo cool !
    BUYTHIS : no questions asked : provided : you know how to install them !!!
  • Great water proof Light Strip with everithing you need to start up

    posted by Carontezz

    Very bright, the waterproofing seems to be ok very flexible and clear plastic encapsulates all inner circuitry and LEDs. The remote is functional and responsive and the range of color is more that enough for practical purposes
    great producto for the price, i`d like to have paid a little less for it, time will tell if it`s as durable as LEDs are supposed to be
    nice decorative light really changes the mood with the different coloring, get it.
  • Works great!

    posted by olemoll

    The LEDs are brighter than expected, and the strip has great quality. All the colors are great, and all the fancy flash-modes attracts attention to my vehicle. It is very fun to play with, especially at night.
    Nice to install in your car! My order arrived 11 days after ordering, so i am really surprised. Dealextreme is definitely my new favorite web-page.
    I would recommend this product to a friend because this works great and is cheap.
  • Best I've seen yet

    posted by Indypendence

    -Lights are close together so it looks more like a line instead of separate lights.- Very bright but dimmable
    Keep in mind that the infra-red receiver is put in a visible place. It's at the end of the cable, which usually ends up close to the wall with something blocking it's view.
    High quality LEDs, I've had some from retail stores which were lower quality than these. With fewer lights or only 1 color per LED. And they were all more expensive than this one. So... great deal!

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