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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase rgb 5 meter here and you can save money at the same time. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

rgb 5 meter Customers Reviews

  • Great product!

    posted by SunWind

    + Very cheap+ Very good quality+ Came with a storage reel and ESD bag+ Awfully bright!+ Can be cut into length (3 led intervals)+ Colours mix well
    Should be made clear that this LED strip is COMMON ANODE! It is easy to contol with N channel FET's or transistors.
    Very good product for its price! Blue led is a little bit stronger than the others but 1/4 of the regular prize that is welcome!If you need one, just get it. You wont be disapointed
  • Wondering thing

    posted by Zhmak

    Thick wires. It looks like for outdoou use. Bulbs made of shockproof plastic. I'm afraid of russian post that can broke it into a pieses. But everything is ok.
    Every bulb has RGB LED. Light transitions is smooth. Bulbs flashes randomly. There is no paterns. Lights look charming!
    Wires may look better with transparent insulation. Price may be lower.
    Amazing product! Best christmas lights I ever seen!
  • Good LED strip

    posted by JVisc

    - You're not paying for a controller with this, perfect if you want to drive these yourself.- Waterpoof- Separate Red/Green/Blue wires so you can make any colour
    - Sticky tape is actually inside the waterproof plastic cover, so you have to remove that if you want to use the sticky tape (or just use your own).- Strip gets warm to the touch after operating for a few minutes.- 70W sounds a bit far fetched to be true, but I haven't measured so I can't really say- Power supply is rated 12V, 6A
    You'll need some MOSFETs and a microcontroller of some sort if you want to drive these. Pretty good RGB strips, and they're reasonably bright!
  • Very bright led strip, but controller is bad

    posted by Niellune

    - Very bright led strip. More light than from 2 luminescent 13w lamps in white mode.- You can cut it at 3 led segments and then simply connect by wires.- Green and Blue colors are awesome.- You can select 16 colors ( red, green, blue, white, 4 steps from orange to yellow, from cyan to aqua and from violet to rose )- You can select 10 levels of brightness.- You can switch it off and on from remote.- 4 effects with speed control ( no brightness control in effects mode )
    Controller must be checked on arrival to ensure that wires isolation is not broken, or you may have a short circuit like I had (It would be better if it will ships with better controller.May be you need to put a resistor to yellow and/or blue lines to adjust white and yellow colors.
    If you want bright led strip or good ambient light - you found what you want. It's the best decoration thing!
  • Amazing LED Strip

    posted by andremurari

    * The most cheap 72W RGB Strip in dx.com*Comes with an adhesive 3M double-sided tape for fixing it.*Comes with a RGB controller like SKU: 108424 or SKU: 66067 (Control Box w/ IR 24-Key Remote Control 12V - 6A) which is sold separately for $6.20 - $7.60* Amazing LED colors with full brightness and a lot of functions provided by the controller (included)
    This is the best option for their who seeks connect more than one strip when a longer distance is required, the strip have a connector in the end, strong enough to support high-current provided by controllers of 216W.
    I bought 3 strips to make a 15m strip with a (SKU: 130913) 216W controller and the system is working as expected!!!

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