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rf wireless receiver

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rf wireless receiver Customers Reviews

  • Quite impressed

    posted by Tigrovi

    -Works just like intended
    -IR has excellent range (Once the lens cover is removed)
    -Easy to install
    -Great picture quality
    I bought this to monitor our cars as my car got broken in to 4 times and was finally stolen and burned. The police did absolutely nothing on all occasions so I bought this to capture an image of the thieves if they decide to try it on my new car.
    This is a great product for the price. You should buy one if you want an inexpensive way to monitor an area
  • Decent but there are better ones

    posted by missthomi

    If you have any av devices that have a component output and don't want to wire or move devices this device will help you lots.I use it with a VCR connected to Cable tv so that i can change channels through the VCR without having to watch what another tv in another room is watching. This is great because there is no need to run cable tv in the walls or floors because it is transmitted wirelessly. Also the distance range is decently long range.It is simple to use and very practical.
    This system is decent for the price but deal extreme offers a 5.2Hz that will not interfere with such things that run on 2.4hz. Although is a little more expensive there is hardly background buzzing but remote use buzzing still occurs. In the end its how well you set up the transmitter and receiver for the best picture and sound.
  • good idea, but...

    posted by madclone

    good idea to find lost keys, pets or children :)
    no why did i buy this?!?! :) well it's a fun thing to have it the range is OK
    probably a good thing with good batteriesprobably a good thing with good batteriesprobably a good thing with good batteriesprobably a good thing with good batteriesprobably a good thing with good batteries
  • Cool

    posted by Phyru

    Good picture quality, good signal coverage distance, image without interference, even working with my wireless router with 2.4GHz. Complete with power supply and cables, small box and good looking.
    It is a good equipment, despite the problems popping sound, I intend to look for something better, because that's not good for me. Image quality impressed me, the transmitter is 15m away and through two brick walls and cabinets and has no distortion, even with the wifi network.
    My choice for such a device was not to have wires, if you demand something, it is a good choice, although not the HD signal.
  • work well...

    posted by marcelopatriota

    works well, as expected ...has a good range at least five meters but I reach that more ...Good response, I tried guitar hero and no delays ...is easy to use and aspilhas lasts many hours.
    this is the wireless control cheaper and has lower quality even bought the model that uses only two batteries, let it be better, but this is not so bad ...

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