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rf remote controller Customers Reviews

  • Awesome!

    posted by RSDG

    It's a easy way to get your dog to get out of that behaviour cicle when barking and don't listen to you, besides you can use from far away using a camera so he won't associate it whit the owner.I spent a long time looking for it and the price is great, I recommend it 100%!
    It's good to buy rechargeable batteries for the future.
    It's great! Really enjoyed! Best non-harm way to control your dog.
  • Perfect homeuse wireless controller

    posted by danfros

    This is an excellent item that can control any AC device like lights. Easy to install and operate. Excellent reach. Controller with perfect size, can be saved in a poket.
    Whit the basic knowledge you can install a group of controllers in the same place working with diferent directions, this can be done by circuits modifications.
    This is a great item, recomended for homeuse and it can be installed easily.
  • Can be excellent if app and cloud infrstructures improve

    posted by Elie.fr

    - Setup is very easy, you just start it and send it your wifi password using the app.- Learning iR signal manually is quite easy, and air conditioning is automatically recognized by just sending the power button.- It has temperature sensor (Did not tried if it can automatically adjust AC setting using temp of the room)- Very reactive when connected on same WiFi network- Standard micro USB power cable
    Activity setup has great customization possibilities, and is created in a way that people who wants to know what is really happening will like (unlike logitech hormony whith its "setup for dumbs"). Here you select select the commands that are sent for each activity and the timing between each iR signal (automation settings are available too).
    Looks to respond well with all iR device and has a good range, but as my main goal is to control my AC remotely it is a pity that cloud control is not working today (I wish to start my AC 10 min before getting home). Hope it will be fixed quickly!In the meantime I will explore TV and iR light control possibilities and see if I replace my old logitech harmony with the app for this...
  • Great controller

    posted by prOOwner89

    - Very solid material for the receiver- Handy slide in plugs to connect your wires ( the block in which the wires are screwed can be removed easily from the receiver and thus enable you to connect everything without the weight of the receiver hanging down on the cables)- status leds on the receiver work very good (handy to check if your connections match the right color)-the transmitter has a very nice finish, glue or unfinisched edges noticable. The touchpanel works like a charm (i hate pressing buttons on a standard remote for led's, they always need much pressure to actually be pressed in).-Batteries last very long (for the transmitter)the fact that the transmission of the signal is done by radio frequency and NOT by ir means you get greater distance, better transmission and you can hide the receiver behind wall's etc.
    I built this into my car with an inline 10-30v to 12v converter to protect the led's and receiver and i haven't had any issues
    If you want a high quality good looking led controller, this is the way to go.
  • Has drawbacks but cheap and useful

    posted by lejige

    The shock and vibrate functions work well if you remember not to be trigger happy.
    The collar's strap is very sturdy. But I'm not going to use it to attach the leash since the protruding terminals may pierce my dog's neck if I tug on it.
    It's cheap. Where I live, I think they're selling the same item for twice the price.
    After the initial setup, the thing is very easy to use.
    In fact, you can use it right out of the box, just insert the batteries. The manual provides clear instructions.
    The package includes an LED to check if the shock function works.
    All in all, this is a very useful product and works ok for my purposes, with caveats, of course. But if I had another dog, I'd probably buy another.


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