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rf module Customers Reviews

  • Great modules for insane price

    posted by xkram15

    Communication with these modules is easy - you can setup your AVR board, connect and it's just that's it. If you need simple communication between your microcontrolers this is the way.
    Don't understand exactly why on receiver there are two data pins - both are same...
    I tried receiver with another transmitter from dx (http://www.dx.com/p/zsd-t3-315-433mhz-ask-high-power-rf-transmitter-module-yellow-228289#.UuUu5rQ1j1I ) and it's 100% compatible.
  • Good after inital setup

    posted by Nedwos

    > Quick and easy serial communication between two devices> Good Range> In-built error correction> Comes with USB-to-Serial connector for even quicker set-up> Great value for money!
    If you're having trouble with your modules, run through the setup process here: http://wiki.openpilot.org/display/Doc/APC220+Transceiver+Telemetry#APC220TransceiverTelemetry with both of them
    If you think you'll need it, buy it!
  • Easy to Use RFID

    posted by arnoldsen

    Very easy to use.Sends a string with frames, CS and the TAG number in plain 9600 Baud serial format.Plain and simple.Interfaces very well with all microcontrollers operating at 5V (haven't tested at 3.3V).The framing characters 0x02 for start and 0x03 are easy to detect, and will never be a part of the TAG-number or CS, because it is ASCII coded.Reading from the module is simply done by waiting for 0x02 - receive 12 characters - if the next is 0x03, then a full TAG number is received.
    Plug in the moduleSet up serial portRead the tagnumber, when it is presentedNo Problem
    Good value for money module.
  • Great RFID module for Arduino

    posted by mr22turbo

    Great price, easy to use! Got it working in a few minutes. One small note the pin marked SDA is pin SS in the RC522 library.
    I used the RC522 library (https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid) to connect it to my Arduino. Comes with one card and a key tag, they both work and use an older style 4byte UID. I have not tested yet if the cards are writeable. Can be used with an LCD shield, if you remap the pins.
    Great product! Buy it if you need a cheap rfid reader/writer
  • Very good item

    posted by marenas

    The device works in large distance. It is easy to instal into the breadboard. Stable signal is issued. Wide application, because there are four outputs with 3.5 V voltage. The standard operating frequency can be easily tied to the control module, standard RC remote control, thus allowing the device utilization.
    The device can be used to drive 5V relay. It can also be used as a simple one-way switch.
    The device according to their potential is worth the price.


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