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rf controller Customers Reviews

  • Does the job

    posted by GodHammer

    Wireless signal is great, I can still control the led strip even 2 rooms away.- wireless and not infrared.- 9 levels of brightness- 9 blinking modes- you can change the speed of each mode- memory of the last brightness and mode- didn't heat up after 5-6 hours operating at full and/or 50% brightness
    On the input part of the controller it says 5-25V - and for the output just LED.I've used a CCD camera adapter to power it. The adapted output was rated at 12V, but was 12.3V . After i've connected the controller, the output of the controller was 11.9 at full brightness.... so, it might some sort of voltage regulator inside (I'm not a great with electronics)
    The brightness is controlled by changing the output voltage:100% - 11.9V50% - 5.8V25% - 3.3VA list of all the voltages (from 100% brightness to minimum brightness):step 1 - 11.9Vstep 2 - 9.2Vstep 3 - 7.3Vstep 4 - 5.8Vstep 5 - 4.7Vstep 6 - 3.9Vstep 7 - 3.3Vstep 8 - 2.8Vstep 9 - 2.1VThere is little fluctuation @0.03V on some brightness levels.
  • Awesome!

    posted by RSDG

    It's a easy way to get your dog to get out of that behaviour cicle when barking and don't listen to you, besides you can use from far away using a camera so he won't associate it whit the owner.I spent a long time looking for it and the price is great, I recommend it 100%!
    It's good to buy rechargeable batteries for the future.
    It's great! Really enjoyed! Best non-harm way to control your dog.
  • this is good purchase

    posted by steyl

    High-quality production, good price, functionality, simplicity of the installation, clear scheme of connection. When giving 220U device turns on the blue channel (distant on the scheme), it the button A. The following white channel - the button B, the Yellow channel - the button C. D's button switches on and off everything at once, it is convenient for shutdown.
    Capacity of the device of 3 KW seems overestimated. I for safety don't recommend to connect more than 1 KW on all canals.
    good purchase
  • Excellent choice

    posted by elmomoraes

    It's wireless and it's 2.4Ghz. Works perfectly, even at a huge distance. Good grip, great to use. Once you get use to the buttons, it's very nice to use. If you use rechargeable batteries it's a great choice.
    I'm from Brazil and I had to pay more than 100% just in taxes. But even then it was a good price.
    If you hate wires like me, it's a wonderful choice.
  • Very useful item.

    posted by emmarvee

    Works a treat! With no problems at all, once programming was worked out.
    There is a jumper on the board to operate the relay in Self latch, latch during RF and on/off modes. All remotes need to be preprogrammed with coding using solder pads to be bridged on the PCB. Then to prog the receiver, push the switch on the RX until the RF led goes off, then press quickly until the led comes on, then press the remote button until the RF led stops flashing. It is now in prom and will keep the code even during power failure or until reprogramming.
    Great device for the price.


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