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rf 2.4ghz Customers Reviews

  • Good Product

    posted by artpop

    Works fine, and you can't tell it's not made for the US market. Very nifty how the transmitter fits into the actual unit, so it's compact when not in use.Also a huge positive is the use of a AAA battery instead of those expensive to replace batteries most of the other presenters use.All plastic parts meet together without gaps. Doesn't look cheap.
    Worth the purchase. Will have to see how long it lasts, but in the 1st week of ownership, I have nothing but praises for it.
  • Cool

    posted by Phyru

    Good picture quality, good signal coverage distance, image without interference, even working with my wireless router with 2.4GHz. Complete with power supply and cables, small box and good looking.
    It is a good equipment, despite the problems popping sound, I intend to look for something better, because that's not good for me. Image quality impressed me, the transmitter is 15m away and through two brick walls and cabinets and has no distortion, even with the wifi network.
    My choice for such a device was not to have wires, if you demand something, it is a good choice, although not the HD signal.
  • cheap and excellent image quality

    posted by mikomatic

    The image looks perfect without any interference or noise to about 3 meters away. The sound is very good except for a small but harmless noise possibly alternate from the fountain.
    The extent of IR adds several extra points to the device, which makes it a very useful device.
    I've used with the Wii, which the image is perfect as if connected directly. Also with the digital deco.
    Worth buying, if your intention is to connect anything you have in your living room and bring out comfortably in your bed without having to buy or relocate another device
  • Very simple and nice

    posted by btxenon

    * Very nice and useful.* Plug and play.* Fairly good price.* Comes with a sturdy case.* Laser has enough power.
    I recommend this purchase. I wasn't just looking for a pointer that works well, i wanted it to be nice. For this price has been an excellent buy, I hope to use it a lot in my presentations.
    Buy it if you make presentations frequently, or just want to give a more professional image
  • love this unit

    posted by toymanis

    i use XBMC is fantastic for this usealso use netflix, but pressing mouse cursor onis fantastic for this too.
    would have liked to see a model # so i could program it through my remotei use this with a pc i have hooked up to my tv
    this product is highly recommendedbattery life is goodprice is greatand respond time to commands is fantasticalso, the range took me half way across my apt

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