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  • 52mm Aluminum Lens Reversal Filter Adapter Ring for Nikon AI

    posted by varamos

    recommended to start macro. aluminum easy to use. resistant. very good value for money. do not need a very large expense to start macro photography. best for goals diaphragm ring.
    applied to an object of automatic diaphragm control, not comfortable opening aperture manually.
    considering this problem. This article is recommended for quality and price being constructed from aluminum.
  • Discover whole new world

    posted by sstruja

    Turn Your kit lens in a powerfull macro by mount it on reverse with this adapter. Strongly built (aluminium), fits perfectly on camera body.
    Came with a step-down filter adapter 67-58mm, so if You have another lens that uses 58mm filters, could be used on it also. For another lens, You can by only step down filter adapter from your lens to 58mm or step-up adapter to 58mm.
    Realy powerfull magnification with my 18-138mm. Strongest was on 18mm, on witch head of matches fill the viewfiner. With telephoto (135) could be used to take shots of flovers, bigger insects etc...
    Realy great stuff, for little money you can turn your lens in powerfull macro that cost few hundred dollars and discover whole new world. Check the images taken with this adapter, Nikon D40 an 18-135 lens.
  • Cheap way of doing macro

    posted by ESassin

    If you want to get into macro photography, then this is a cheap and effective way of doing it. But you need a lens with on-lens aperture control.
    Did I mentione cheap?
    It's just a piece of metal, nothing special. Threads are ok. It fits on nikon-mount lenses and on a nikon body (D2x for me). Also, you will be able to use any other lens with that thread size, not necessarily a nikon mount - as you're not attaching the lens mount side.
    It does what is says it does, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Fitting Problems on D80

    posted by samuraijack

    Seams to be of good build quality, its cheap and Useful.
    I took a rasp and a angle grinder and removed the metal (about 1mm) around the second ring. Now it fits perfectly. (With a angle grinder about 10minutes of work)
    With a little bit of work you get a perfect fit, cheap Reversal Filter Adapter Ring.

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