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The perfect retractable usb here to meet all your needs. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. You can find what you want at retractable usb samsung, retractable usb charging. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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retractable usb Customers Reviews

  • A very good and cheap flash drive

    posted by SusanooJdragon

    - Very small. By far one of the smallest flash drives I've seen
    - Metallic cover means that the drive won't break unintentionally, or at least not very easily
    - 8 gigs equals a lot of space
    - Very good price-per-gigs ratio
    - Comes with a big keyring
    I still can't believe just how small this thing is. When closed it has a smaller horizontal footprint than a regular SD card.
    Also, as usual, we're dealing with hard drive makers' gigabytes. The 8 gigabytes actually translates to about 7.5 gigs of actual space
    A very good and cheap 8 gig flash drive. You should definitely consider this drive if you want a large-capacity drive that has a really small footprint.
  • good

    posted by jak74

    its great charges like a normal charger, it easy to store no annoying long cords to mix with others and get tied together i really like it
    very pleased if you pull the cord you can have it sit at a certain length so it can charge easily on the desk or whereever
    supprised that such a skinny cord can work so well a great invention.......................... very happy
  • Great for the office

    posted by Pallando

    Hard to make a rating of this product, it is what you see, it works as it should, and now I have a shorter, smart and useful new cable at my office to charge my cellphone.
    I should have buy more, same prize as normal cables, and much more useful, saving space and mess in the office or at home.
    Buy it before common cables. Very useful for places with a mess of cables everywhere.
  • Cool mouse for a relatively cheap price

    posted by sergiokas

    It's a cool replacement mouse if you're looking for something on the cheap side, without going for a terribly ugly device. Design is not perfect but it's Apple-alike, which makes it much more bearable. Comes with a DPI selector button at the bottom of the mouse.
    Construction looks cheap, I'm not sure how much use this mouse is able to stand, but it's been working just fine.
    Good for a cheap non-ugly replacement mouse.
  • Very useful as a portable backup keyboard

    posted by himynameisbunny

    Very easy to roll up and carry around!Comes with a retractable USB cable!Waterproof!
    Buy it if you think you'll be stuck without a keyboard at any time.Would be very useful for a techie like me...

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