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retractable capacitive stylus

Welcome to our retractable capacitive stylus online shop. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. Browse the products from capacitive stylus laser, or some other related Pages like dot capacitive stylus. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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retractable capacitive stylus Customers Reviews

  • A must in the winter

    posted by pablo285

    Stylish look.Retractable.Solid metal build.Works well with my Android smartphone.
    In the winter I do geocaching a lot and that requires a lot of interaction with my phone. When the temperature is below 0 degC it can become very unpleasant to go around without gloves on your hands...this thingy is just the perfect solution!
    A very good procuts for the price - very helpful in the winter.
  • works very well

    posted by mathijs18652

    this stylus does work on capacitive touchscreens, it is also very accurate and works just like a finger but a lot more accuate because you finger isn't in your line of sight when looking at where your actualy pointing. helps great when on the internet since regular pages have very narrow and close buttons (dealextreme for instance, just try to get to your wishlist, i guaranty you won't hit it the first time. with this stylus it is very easy to do this so i recommend it to anyone who uses their mobile/tablet for regular internet.
    great stylus, lenght is just right and has 3 stand but most people will only able to hold it comfortably at the longest stand.
    get this, it is great but if your planning on using it every day i reccomend you buy a few more.
  • Cigarette Style Looking Stylus/Torch/Laser

    posted by psrunknown

    3 in 1 Cigarette styled looking pen. Comes with stylus pen, torchlight, laser pointer. Powered by the small button batteries there is. 3 of them. Stylus is very smooth on my nexus 7 screen. Torchlight is moderately bright for a small size bulb. And laser pointer works fine. Comes with a 3.5mm headphone plug so you can hold it on the device while using the stylus. It's a good design and the white looks pretty.
    None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.None so far.
    Cheap, VERY useful, nice looking. highly recommended.
  • It really rocks

    posted by biker750

    This touch pen is the best one that I ever used. I had two other brand touch pen but Rock Retractable Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pen is the number one. First of all it's so light that you can easily forget you are carrying a touch pen. It's retractable that means it fits all type of fingers, short or long. I tried the stylus on my HTC One S and Asus Transformer Tablet and the the touch's are %100 accurate
    The anti-dust plug is very helpfull for carrying the touch pen easily attached to your phone or tablet.
    The white color and the plastic around the stylus is very good quality
  • Worked on Android and Tablet

    posted by pss2010

    -Solid Build-Random colours I got were pink andgreen. so watch out boys you mightget a pink one -smooth telescope pull out-ear piece is plastic and can insert in devicewithout turning of the sound-works on any capacitive device not just ipadsor phones
    -The chord could be longer or retractableas you have to disconnect from ear piece touse
    well worth the price and handy ifyou have a small screen on phonefor typing. get one

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