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Welcome to our retractable cable online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. We recommend mouse retractable cable, retractable cable 8pin as hot products. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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retractable cable Customers Reviews

  • Works for less

    posted by snull

    - Has the port to charge Micro B USB devices like Blackberry or my Samsung R350 phone
    - You can remove the Micro USB part to let it charge/power any regular USB device!
    If you actually have a device that specifically needs Micro USB B it's a good buy since it will let you do that as well as regular USB. You can find other cheaper ones here if you only need regular USB.
  • Very decent piece of cable

    posted by SoDys

    The reason I bought this cable was that it looked like the micro-USB plug could be disassembled and I was not wrong. Works as a USB OnTheGo cable for your smartphone to connect a mouse, keyboard or thumbdrive if supported by your device.The wire has a nice rubbery shiny finish and feels high-quality. The micro-USB side of the cable can be carefully disassembled for good access to the soldering connections.
    The wire is tightly coiled and it takes a reasonable amount of force to stretch it out fully. In fact so much force that whatever device fill come unplugged before stretching more than twice the original length.The aforementioned micro-USB plug has enough room to accommodate a few surface mount resistors, which I added to put my phone into docking mode so I can charge my phone while it's connected to a powered USB hub via the cable.
    Considering the price of this cable I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend buying it if you're in need for a robust cable to connect any external device to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Like ying and yang

    posted by fyijacque

    Wow this is a very impressive cable. The little plugs have special slots to slide in to protect them from wear and tear. Its also a ribbon cable not a cord. Very flat and easy to wrap back into the case. To release it you press a button on the outside of the case.
    Yes I wish all cords were wind up like this item.
    For the price its a steal, one less cord to tuck out of the way or store. Take it to the office, impress everyone with you super cool cable. I demonstrated mine twice since I got it today. I love how it zips up its so precise.
  • Small, practical and easy to use

    posted by osti1

    The cable is easy to use, long enough to connect to a nearby modem or router, smaller than an equivalent ethernet cable, plus, since it is flat and thin it can fit almost anywhere without creating bumps.
    Also. since the casing is transparent, you can see how much cable it is left to spool.
    I have to check if DX sells a longer cable. A 5 or 10 m one.
    A good product, overall, looks solid, and doesn't slow down my connection. A definite must-buy if you don't like wireless connections.
    I'm buying more.
  • very usefull little cable

    posted by EnnaN

    If you want to charge your phone at work, need to connect your mp3player or basically: if you need to connect a mini-usb device to your computer: this is great! I've got a couple, one in my camera bag, one in my backpack, one at work etc etc. Cheap and usefull.
    Very good if you want to be able to connect anytime anyplace anywhere
    Get a hand full. Really.

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