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retractable 3.5mm earphone

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retractable 3.5mm earphone Customers Reviews

  • Good all round headset.

    posted by persist

    This is a really great headset for Kenwood compatible radios. The sound is clear and you can keep the volume turned way down with no problems. Build quality is good and the soft rubber cabling makes working with it a breeze. Your voice does sound a bit different at the other side but that's to be expected with this type of headset.
    If you have a bit of a chubby throat people may have a hard time hearing you.
    If you're interested in getting this type of headset go for it, not as cheap as others but the build quality matches the price.
  • Works, at the right angle

    posted by Chivalryx

    -Small size and retractable
    -Works (when used at the right angle)
    -Headphone plug is a great way to not lose it!
    I found it a little annoying to use instead of my finger, so my wife uses it as a plain stylus on her pressure sensitive phone instead of on my iphone
    Overall it works, but is pretty finicky. Good product to keep greasy finger prints off your iphone, but easier to just use your finger and wipe off your screen instead :p
  • Great product

    posted by Marce

    - Very small unit
    - Good sound quality
    - Good microphone, to talk with others
    I carry it always with my laptop in case I need to use Skype or other software.
    I use it to everyday work and since I have it I didn't receive any complain about communication quality.
    - Unidad muy compacta
    - Muy buena calidad de sonido
    - Muy buen microfono para hablar con otros
    Lo llevo siempre encima con mi notebook en caso de tener que usar Skype
    Lo uso diariamente para comunicarme en el trabajo y no recibí quejas de la calidad de sonido.
    Very good product if you need to communicate with your computer and you don't wanna carry a big headset.
    Muy buen producto si neceistas comunicarte a traves de tu computadora y no queres transportar un auricular y microfono mas grande.
  • Excellent cord with great sound.

    posted by gavie

    - Retractable (Every earbud-user knows the problem of tangled wires)- Great sound quality!
    DX has 2 retractable cords (the other one is in-ear). Thisone has the best sound quality by far.
    Buy it! It's worth every penny!! I use them every day and it's the perfect solution for all the frustrations I had with wires (and I know I'm not the only one.
  • They actually work, awesome!

    posted by cervinkajirka1

    Panda stylingActually worksMy girlfriend was super happy
    Looks cheap on the images - in real, they look pretty awesome, probably still cheap, but awesome cheapWhen I was buying it I didn´t really looked at them so i thought every earphone is panda, it´s not (my mistake)It has chinese writings all over the package
    It´s a good present for your children/girlfriendThere should be more things with pandas, pandas are cool

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