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You'll find the best resistive touch screen for you here. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Browse the products from lcd touch screen, or some other related Pages like touch screen tablet. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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resistive touch screen Customers Reviews

  • Good for a Teenphone

    posted by polomatus

    It has a great MP3 player, the camera is awesome, the Bluetooth makes it quite portable and the external speaker have good sound quality. I feel like Dick Tracey when talking on the phone. Great for distracted people as my niece that loose quite often the phones, this one stay on her hand.
    The battery is quite good and makes a great energy saving allowing it to work for long time with recharge, even the extra battery is a good touch.
    Good for the price but the charger is a large limit.
  • very nice

    posted by Abanoubibrahim

    very simple and easy to use battery is great and good the it comes with the micro sd card. its the biggest GPS I every seen its really cool
    great for the price go for it. if u need a video player or games and it has GPS built in it just buy this honestly
    just buy it. its really cheap and good
  • Very good build quality for the price

    posted by hongray29

    Love this stylus when it arrived.
    The build quality of this product is far better than what I would expect for this price!
    The metal can be pulled out so smoothly and feels like compressed air in aiding in the retract and pull out.
    Material is like high quality stainless steel. Smooth and scratch less.
    Stylus tip is not too hard hence will not scratch your touch screen. I used it for my Samsung Omnia 2.
    Nice design, Premium quality, Extremely good price. MUST BUY
  • easy to use GPS

    posted by marik

    - Very fast and more responsive compared to the Win CE 5 gps navigator- Fast warm time to fix of about 30 seconds even if you are moving- Possibility to install many different navigation software - since it runs on android. Some are even free with offline maps.- Comes rooted- You can use it out of the box but the maps are a bit outdated. Comes with iGO.- Has an FM transmitter- Has most of the functionality of an android tablet
    Don't install two versions of iGO on it or you will have the same problems that i had - on fix on satellites.
    Although it seems that it has the functionality of tablet(b-b-b-ut it has Android!), it's pretty limited due to the single point touch screen, a small battery and a rather slow processor. You can't read books on it for very long as well as you cannot play decent games, so its use is limited to the gps function. So, if you are ready to pay 30$ more for that speed - go for it; otherwise buy any win ce5 gps nav.
  • very good

    posted by jomasuo

    functional and high-qualityI had no idea how good this product is. The price is reasonable and the delivery was fast even though it was the year changes, and so crowded. Worth the wait.
    Good display and clearEasy to use. Indeed, a good sized screen, clear voice wearability. a versatile addition to any.
    The price is affordable and value for money is reallyThis product is a highly accurate positioning. The maps are clear and easy-conscious. The product is amazingly versatile.On the Internet playing really well and the product is a good language support.


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