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  • Your Card's friend

    posted by kashmire

    Very nice device, can hold more than 10 visa cards + ID card + Driving license + some money and still have space for few visiting cards, Cards are pretty much safe in it from banding (when u sit down or something and a bank card is in your back pocket), from rubbing with your wallet and losing color and damaging its magnetic strip, it is rain and sweat prove, Material is good and seems like it will last long, its hard plastic and i think its covered with aluminium, push button seems durable, over all device size is compact and ideal for men's pocket. looks and feels good. nice detail to finish. it came in silver color witch looks good. there is a metal rod (which works as a pivot to open this card holder)which holds two peace together and it is completely hidden witch is a good thing.
    It should have more space in it for other stuff, like more money and other small personal stuff that a person keeps in his pocket/wallet.
    Good device , if you like my review then plz like it.i will post pictures of this wallet soon.
  • Great Price!

    posted by madeinoz

    I had the opportunity to work on a movie set in a desert and found that the iphone was getting alot of dust. The Stunt guys put me onto a case that was water resistant and dust proof but was so expensive, this one is identical to the ones used and is an awesome prices.It appears to be well made, and has a good sealing system
    does it's job, and is so much cheaper than similar ones else where
    a great water, dust and drop resistant case for the iphone5
  • Not bad :)

    posted by kubakrizka

    Very simple and useful for anything. Water-rezistent with a pocket inside. Zip. I will fit earphones, bluetooth receiver and micro-USB data cabel, all without any problems. Low price
    I am satisfied with the product, although it has a few bugs, meets my expectations. Simplicity: Waterproof case for headphones and not only them :)
    It could be used for some small MP3 player, or for ladies jewelry, or anything else. The packaging is really strong, so things will remain intact
  • Amazing cover for outdoor (boat!) use

    posted by Willythor

    - Really slim for its purpose;- Great value/price;- Nice finishing;- Touch screen still works perfectly;- Very lightweight.- Good looking;
    As a scuba diver, I've been looking for a good solution for my iPhone so I could use it with salt water in my hands/body between dive sessions (surface interval). This cover fits perfectly what I wanted.REMARK: This is NOT a dive cover for the phone, just something to protect the phone on the boat.
    I really recommend this cover for those people who are looking for a good solution for outdoor usage during "bad" conditions (rain, snow, salt water etc).
  • Value for money

    posted by rallistas

    Great value for money.Every other solution is much more expensive.Iphone 4 fits perfectly inside and the touchscreen works great!
    I hope the mount holder wont brake on my mountain bike.Be careful to change the rear adapter for the camera because with the narrow one with Iphone you wont be able to take photos because it can't focus!
    Great value!I would definately bought it again.It would be even better if at a newer v

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