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resettable combination lock

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resettable combination lock Customers Reviews

  • Worth the price!

    posted by xphunter

    - The lock Pretty stiff- It Looks durable- You can change the code anytime you like, not like other locks.
    This is a great lock that serve it's purpse!I use it to lock my gym's locker - and it does the job!In my country, Israel, this kind of lock coast X4 this price!
    I am happy with this purchase and willing to buy another one.Worth the price!Nothing more to say.
  • Awesome Customized Pin Lock!

    posted by oneofakind2727

    Very easy to reset combination and all parts move freely. It's solid but don't get me wrong, you could probably break it if you hit it hard enough. I use mine for the gym.
    The instructions were hilarious to read. It was an obvious bad translation but the pictures show very clearly what you need to do to reset the combination.
    This is a good little lock if you're planning on using it to secure something that isn't too expensive. The lock will just fall open when the combination is guessed so it would be easy enough to hack if someone had the time. It probably doesn't weather well so keep that in mind too. Great price for a great little gym lock!
  • Not bad

    posted by Tessa25

    It is small, compact, I received a green one. You can lock with it any small boxes or something else. It has nice outlook.
    I had problem with using it (may be it's only me)- I spoiled it and now it lies on the shelf (I think should go in the garbage now).
    If you confident in reading the instructions yopu can buy it - I think it is useful device.
  • How to change the combination!

    posted by dansdata

    Super-cheap, not as flimsy as its almost-all-plastic design might suggest. Yes, it is basically a toy, but for the money it's quite a good one.
    The default combination is 000, and the instructions are in Korean or something, but I figured out how to change the combination.With the lock open, you can see a black plastic thing inside the hole into which plugs the end of the cable. Make sure the dials are set to the current combination, then with a pointy object - like a nail file - push that black plastic thing inward, toward the number dials. While the plastic thing is pushed in, you can change the combination by rotating the dials.Also, the back of the packaging says in English "Optimal treatment for dementia". I am not making this up.
    What do you want from a $5.60 cable lock?If you just want to deter (very) casual thieves or someone who might take your bike BY ACCIDENT, this thing would actually work. I'm going to give it to a kid fascinated by mechanisms, though.
  • Acceptable quality

    posted by VictorMonzonis

    4 Digits insted of 3 Digit defenitlly it's an advantage because the time to open it it's x10 time bigger than another with 3.Big numbers in the whell, the digit wheels move smothly and its easy to move the gears.The lock itself is quite thick, it should take a while to open it with a manual saw.
    It works as expected, you can set the new combination like all the locks I used.

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