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  • Good buy, you might need more powerful charger

    posted by UncleScrooge

    I have used this battery now for some 3 months. --- The power is good, it has easily about twice the power than standard battery. With quite little use, the standard battery lasted usually 3 to 4 days. This battery lasts quite easily a full week. With more usage, standard battery was good for maybe 1 day, this battery gives 2 days. --- The plastic cover feels quite sturdy, it is more thick material than original, and it has the same shiny surface of the (white) phone. --- Battery also fits well, there is no rattling sounds of loose battery moving when handling the phone. --- And as a matter of taste, I think the phone feels better in hand with this battery, the size and weight feels better than with standard battery and cover.
    This is not really a thing about this battery particularly, but more like about phone design itself, and dimensions. Due to bigger size of extended battery back cover (which looks like good quality itself), you might not find a protective back cases for phone with this battery. I'd like to get some silicone cover or similar around the phone, because the smooth surface is actually... too smooth. Just a practical thing really, I feel like the phone is easy to slip from hands, otherwise it looks good.
    I can't yet say how many charging cycles this battery will last. It has been so far only about 3 months in use, during that time I have seen it only get better. While you can understand the features of this battery, I think it is a very good buy.
  • Does not hold full charge

    posted by realbriguy

    Decent for the money, but for the capacity that I'm getting out of this battery, there are cheaper options available.
    I got a second one of these batteries from another kit (different sku, same batteries in the kit), and that battery works fine. Holds 100%. So, my opinion is that you are taking a gamble on whether the one you order can hold a full charge or not.
  • worthy to buy

    posted by Pumpui

    I could exchange old battery to new one from Youtube. Old battery lasts only 4 songs playing and turn off automatically.After I replace it to new battery, now I have perfact mp3 player when I ride my bicycle.(I use HTC phone to talk)
    I knew 3Gs bettery is sold less USD 10 in Korea after I got this from DX. But I have a trust on DX.Hope I can get another 3Gs battery some year later.
    If you can follow youtube instruction about 3Gs battery replacement, you should buy this.
  • Good as spare battery

    posted by fernandotognis

    This battery has a good performance, despite the fact that my camera consumes a battery in one or two sessions/days, specially when using flash.There is no much to say about this. It is product that accomplish its function
    Good product, well-packed, well built
    It is worth buying it. Good price for a replacement battery.
  • Great product

    posted by Koenigseggccx8

    -Amazing build quality
    -Is in black color which is great
    -Bigger capacity
    -Holds charge much longer
    -Excellent price
    Bigger capacity batteries are always welcome.
    Best battery replacement for Samsung Galaxy mini, you can use it as a replacement or as the main battery. Holds charge for full two days of heavy usage e.g., playing games, browsing the internet, watching videos, etc. Get this if you are looking for a battery for your mini.

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