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replacement cctv lens Customers Reviews

  • Better than expected

    posted by icebird

    The lens screws nicely into my cheap USB webcam. I expected to have to glue it in place or something like that, but I did not.
    Image quality is good, at least as good as my original lens anyway. It's a cheap webcam so I can't tell whether it's exceptional or not.
    Distortions are quite acceptable in my opinion.
    The lens is IR filtered. I didn't try to remove it, but it doesn't seem any harder than removing the filter of a typical webcam lens. It appears that you would have to pop some sort of cap at the rear end.
    This product gave a new life to my webcam. I'm very happy with it.
  • Replacement Fixed Iris Lens for CCTV Camera (16mm)

    posted by zvonmaxidrom

    Replacement Fixed Iris Lens for CCTV Camera (16mm)This product is packed in bubble wrap bag.The lens itself is in a small bag.Excellent product.Made of metal, high quality.Attaching the sides of the dust cap.Good increases.There regulivanie field.This product came quickly in Russia, where a month!
    Replacement Fixed Iris Lens for CCTV Camera (16mm).???.
    Replacement Fixed Iris Lens for CCTV Camera (16mm)Thank you all is well.I recommend everyone to buy this product!
  • Good value

    posted by Dark00

    - nice and cheap zoom lens- gives a "pro" look to the camera :)
    The focus ring is quite wide so it is difficult to hold the lens in place while adjusting it without unscrewing the entire lens or moving the zoom ring at the same time
    Good value for the price. If you can fit it on the camera and need a cheap zoom lens, this is the way to go
  • Good lens

    posted by lukasandrysik

    -->Very good deal for its price, like 10times cheaper than here in local surveiellance shop
    -->Auto iris is moving depending on light (see my video)
    -->Auto iris is DC driven (also visible in my video)
    -->Excellent build quality, everything is smooth, lens are clean and coated with anti-reflexive coating like professional ones.
    Easy of use is bit tricky to say.... If you know what you are doing, it is totally easy :-)
    Good lens, definetly buy it if you need it
  • Solid CCTV lens

    posted by coreone

    OK build quality, metal screw, long cable, auto iris works as expected.
    Optics do not produce any noticeable distortions.
    Also tested on 1/2 sensor and the coverage is average (like most mid range lenses).
    Solid performed, but would be much better if it was f1.2!

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