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replacement button psp

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replacement button psp Customers Reviews

  • Very Good For Psp

    posted by sece1212

    These Make you Psp look better then it normally does. It can show the insides of your Psp when it's being used, and not being used. It's pretty cheap, and cool looking. If you installed some leds, it really brings it to full potential.
    Get the Transparent case too! Make it look even better.
    Overall, if you want to make your Psp look cooler, and show off, then get it, it's cheap, but hard to install if your new to it.
  • Very Good

    posted by wossen

    Very very good looks and feels like the original psp left and right triggers. it even says which one which ( under the trigger it says left or right )
    Buy it if you broke your left and right triggers. 500 characters500 characters500 characters500 characters500 characters500 characters500 characters500 characters500 characters
    it is a very good buy if you broke your left and right triggers price is great and the material is great if you don't buy this one for this price your getting ripped off.
  • Ok I guess

    posted by Jurisd

    -Looks good
    -Exact replica
    -Comes perfect condition, and it has kind of a plastic case to put your old pieces in
    -Looks awesome with transparent umd door and faceplate
    Request: Analog stick PSP slim/2000 (transparent white)
    Its ok if you have a transparent looking psp, otherwise I wouldn't advise getting. It is hard to asemble and can wreck your buttons (my square button doesn't work all to well, i need to push it down extra hard now). Same with any modding, if you want too play PSP games with good performance, stick with the original sony products, if not this is a really cool looking thing :)
  • Problems with your analog stick?

    posted by TioSolid

    - Easy to install. Just open your PSP (remove some screws under the battery, behind the PSP and above the screen) and change the analog;
    - Sony did a very nice job with their analog sticks. No wires, no soldering. Just replace the analog from the original faceplate and it works;
    This analog can be used as a replacement for a dammaged analog stick. Can be replaced very easily and is very durable.
    If your PSP is acting strange like characters moving even when you are not touching the analog stick, just replace it with this replacement part
  • Good replacements buttons!

    posted by zalakio

    -Exactly like the original-buttons looks very well done-Good replacement if you lose or broke the button-no other comments just that it's looks exactly like the original.
    Not much difference from the original, good if you are combining colours, like what i did. the shiny red full housing with these black buttons, looks fantastic! outstanding psp and will SURELY attract public attention on that psp (just like a ferrari)
    Said almost all i can about the buttons, it's just a button, 500 words is really too much for a button, should i spam?


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