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It's very convenient for you to find the replacement antenna you want at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

replacement antenna Customers Reviews

  • This Antenna is Fantastic a real performer at a bargain price

    posted by hfandriod26

    Nothing but pros here. My Baofeng uv-r + is greatly improved with this piece of kit. It came this morning. So i tuned then little rig to vhf fm broadcast and selected the weakest station i could find. Replace the horrible original antenna with this one and hey presto. A big improvement. then for my local repeater. And now i can get in to the box form just about anywhere.
    If i knew i could get a quality aerial like this for the price i would have torn up all my radio mags long ago.
    This item is very, very good. And flexible to. No danger of breaking off my rigs sma connection.
  • good

    posted by gunn700

    -If you know what you'r doing, it's easy to install
    -It's hard enough to install, so you could mess it up when you don't know what you are doing(that's good - keeps the morons away who'd destroy their phone :) )
    -It's really like the original
    -Nicely packed - not that it would look pretty, but there is no way it could get hurt while transporitng
    You can't get such combo from anywhere that cheap - definitely points to DX there...
    Buy it, when you know what to do with it. Otherwise - go to repair shop.
  • Great Price for OEM parts!

    posted by pinkytube

    This is great! Bought a broken Iphone from ebay for 40$ that needed this part, changed it in 3 hours, and the phone is now like new!
    This is an OEM part, and is IDENTICAL to the defective part i removed from the iphone. It works great and its like having a new phone now!
    Get these while you can! The Iphone 2g is going to be extinct soon, so store these up for the future!
  • good product with good price

    posted by ayas

    Good price & good quality.I have received the same article as the one shown in the image.No problems found in the shipoment and the payment was succesfully accomplished.
    no thoughts, all the specifications of the product were found available. The product was send as the user specifications and the time wasn't much more that the spected.
    Good product, not excesive time of shipment and no other proble found
  • Great part !

    posted by novakb

    Cheap, Works 100%, Well designed, Easy to install, The best price I could find, etc
    It solved my wifi problems. If your wifi signal is low it can mean that a part of antenna if missing. That caused a problem for me. After replacement my Iphone works like a new one. Buy it without hesitation.
    Well worth the money.Basic item to replace your wifi cover in your iphone 4. just good enough if you have misplaced your cover before this.Long live Dx.com, I love you :)


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