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replacement adapter Customers Reviews

  • Like original one

    posted by GabRG

    It was a very good chose for it instead of buying adaptors with more connections heads. The only think that I didn't notice it was the power cord which is made for UK or Us, but this is a small problem since you can use any other one. The product is like original and it have the same characteristics. It was a long time till my order arrived, 18 days but it's ok if is not something urgent.
    Very useful. The price was right considering that I find the same model with more than triple the price.
    I can recommend this charger to everyone just be careful with your laptop model and it's better to buy like this than to use a adaptor with more connections heads.
  • the right piece for the job - best buy

    posted by karnejki

    works perfectly fine, as it would an original power supply, no difference at all.
    great price for this piece. No need to go for original or other universal compatible for much bigger price. Because you don't get anything in a local store for this amount of €
    At first I was sceptical if it would work ( HP notebooks don't like electricity from non original PS :)But now i tell you: if you need it go for it! Don't think twice...
  • Good as a Spare. Allows standalone charging of battery.

    posted by dingdongbell11

    The quality of construction for both the charger and battery is surprisingly quite good. Charger also offers a spare USB port with 5V supply to charge another device.Battery doesn't get heat up much while charging. I was quite conscious about the safety aspects as this is a Li-ion cell, so was monitoring if the battery gets heated up. LED shows different colors to indicate the different status: "charging", "charge completed", "USB port in use".
    I estimate the capacity to be more like 2100-2500mah, definitely lower than the Samsung original 3100mAH. But that is to be expected for 3rd party batteries like this.
    Good value for money. Great as a standby for peace of mind in case my original phone battery runs down and I have nowhere to charge.
  • All you'll ever need...

    posted by AndersPins

    Just about every laptop plug you'll ever need. Build quality is super, not those two tiny feet that will break, but a really sturdy plug inbetween.Cable is top notch quality and can be replaced with the original cable on SKU 136819 easily with a perfect fit.
    I have used this with SKU 136819 and it works perfect. To make it fit in the 136819 was an easy fix if you are good at soldering. Just beware the polarity, and you have a perfect charger for all your laptops or any other units as well.
    Paired with SKU136819 it's a winner or if you have another charger with defective leads.
  • Excellent replacement for the HP DV6445us model

    posted by juliohm

    - Very cheap, compared to an original adapter.
    - Nice build, doesn't look fragile or cheap.
    - Perfect fit for the HP Pavilion dv6445us notebook.
    The original power supply was 65W, and it overheated like hell! This adapter takes 90W, so it does NOT overheat at all for this HP model.
    My dog chewed the cable out of the original power supply, so I thought I was out of luck. My biggest fear if the plug wouldn't fit. The reviews on this page helped me decide, and I hope more people post their notebook model to help others make a decision before buying.
    Excellent replacement. I recommend it.

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