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replacement 3.7v iphone

Buy a replacement 3.7v iphone from DX.com! It's your best choice. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can also browse iphone housing replacement and iphone speaker replacement. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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replacement 3.7v iphone Customers Reviews

  • Do not know yet

    posted by dzsokolino

    It works, was easy to change
    So far it works though. I had no problem installing it.
    Get it if your battery really old. But I am not sure if this one has the same power lever and quality then the original apple battery.
  • It works fine!

    posted by arrakis3k

    It's the same battery than the original one
    I used it for a iPhone V1, didnt try the iPhone 3G
    For this price you can have the same battery life than a new iPhone
    It's sad that DX don't say that you need to weld it, some people couldnt do it!
    If you know what you're doing, dont hesitate, for this price, you'll never find better!
  • Good battery

    posted by supergrovert

    The battery comes with a screw driver and plastic tool. After installation the battery worked fine, although the original Apple battery was better in the beginning, it was a big performance improvement over the old one (1,5 year old). Battery fitted as well as the original one.
    Watch out for cable 4. you first have to turn up the little black clip befor you can pull it out. Make sure the connectors are connected correctly.
    Cheap and effective way to extend the lifetime of you old 3G iPhone. The replacement procedure is not easy; You have to remove 6 cables and 10 screws and put them back in the same order. It took me about 1/2 an hour, including the cleaning of the inner parts.
  • Cheap and good battery, but a bit hard to install.

    posted by fiberkanin

    This battery is cheap, and comes with tools and installation guide.The battery producer is well known, and the cables and battery are well protected."your review does not contain more than 500 characters."
    Please add to the description "Requires Soldering" for this product."your review does not contain more than 500 characters."
    Buy this battery if your iPhone has a horrible battery life, it may fix your problem."your review does not contain more than 500 characters."
  • Good, works as new

    posted by mayak

    Easily replaced the battery inside my phone. The new one works good.
    Used Youtube video tutorial on iphone disassembly to replace my battery. I also replaced the back cover at the same time. Be careful to place all the small parts together - I had to retry connecting the vibra-motor and loudspeaker.
    good bottomline has to be long enough :) bottomline has to be long enough :) bottomline has to be long enough :)

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