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replacement 3.7v htc Customers Reviews

  • Works fine, good charger

    posted by NytrozEE

    I realy like the charger. The EU plug adapter included and fits fine; charger has light (white strip on picture) wich lights up with red when charging and turns blue when it's done; it also have a 600mA USB output to charge the phone the same time. Battery works OK, for first cycles feels a little better than 18 month old original one.
    USB charging cable might be included, I do always miss some.
    I bought it only because of charger and do not count on battery, but at the moment battery is in my phone and feels totally OK.
  • replacemen cell

    posted by speedfreak1o1

    It makes phone work if need a cell.
    100% charge to discharge the phone runs for 2hours with web surf over wifi with android 2.3.6.
    So its ok.
    To get a propper fit remove the stickers and battery fits like STOCK battery and all is güt/good.
    You shuld glue the plastic parts to make it more solid for loong lasting use, or use verry thin tape instead of the thick sticker.
    i would rekommend that it be glued anyway.
    Working this far.
    Battery that is to big, remove lable/sticker and it fits like stock cell.
    Can't say mutch yet on loong term lasting of the cell after many charges.
    Seems good this far if take note of the size issue and related stuff.
  • Good quality, needs to be prepared - read cons

    posted by toledun

    + good holding time (like original)
    + good for festivals or trips
    + about 2 hours to full charge with adapter
    + charger has information diod (blue for charged battery, red for charging battery)
    1 minute of surgery intervention for using in Wildfire
    I can't provide nformation abou other phones.
    Worth it
  • Gets the job done

    posted by pasimetes

    * Cheap, compared to original ones* Fits perfectly* No problems with recharging
    Basically, does what it says on the tin, it's just a battery :) Had it for about half a year and still working great.
    I would recommend it if you are thinking about getting a new phone in the near future and don't want to invest in it anymore.Otherwise, you might want to look at more expensive batteries..
  • Nice batteries

    posted by koeboebah114

    You can just replace your original battery by one of these. I use them as backup batteries to extend the time i can use my phone. Very convenient if you want to fiddle around with your phone more than the battery allows you to.
    Use if you can't charge your phone for a couple of days, or if you forgot to charge it.
    if you want to get more battery life out of your phone, buy an extra battery! Cheap, and does what is expected of it. No regrets here.

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