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replacement 3.7v 3500mah

These cool replacement 3.7v 3500mah are high quality and at affordable prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

replacement 3.7v 3500mah Customers Reviews

  • Better than I expect.

    posted by djreigosa

    -Good life for the battery. Better than the original one (since i have it, 1 month ago)-The back case fits perfect with the phone (better than i expect and also better than the original one. The original back case was a little curved and this not fit perfect with the phone)-Easy to change.
    Now, my phone is bigger, but in my opinion and being positive, the phone fits better to my hand. The original without this battery was extremely thin to use.
    A good replacement for my Samsung Galaxy SII.
  • Loads terribly slow, battery ok

    posted by lrbizar

    You can load an extra battery while you use your phone! Fit and quality is fine. The one I have is a little bit different to the current picture. The battery is turned 90 degrees and kept in place in the other direction. I don't know how this is with the current one. A replacement battery for great money.
    As it loads slow I wouldn't use the usb loading towards your phone. I can't imagine doing both at the same time. Battery in holder and the phone.. That would take forever.
    An ok replacement battery and the ability to load the spare battery. Only the capacity of the battery is ok not great, less than the original. The loading process is SLOOOWW
  • Amazing

    posted by VortecDuramax

    Larger battery so better battery life, the larger case fits great in my hand, amazing price, I checked ebay and it was going for $40 plus shipping so you cant compete with the price dealextreme gives
    I would highly recommend this if you are constantly using your phone like i am, I got 36 hours of use out of my battery, and the 6 hours that i was asleep it only dropped 2%, compared to with my stock battery i got 14 hours on my battery at the maximum.
    If you use your phone for fun, business, tired of charging your phone every night or twice a day just so you dont go without it I would get this, i cant see using a stock battery ever again.
  • Really great!

    posted by Drogaytsev

    Very good choice for everyone who is tired of being linked to charger. Now your link is at least twice longer.
    The back side is liitle bit slippery, so only 3 stars for quality. But everuthing fits well.
    It really expends your phone's life at least twice. Very good choice if you go somewhere outside. With permanent switching off internet or/and autosinchronising it may serve you a whole day.
  • I love this product

    posted by Luximus

    First of all, this battery is bigger then standard. But it has so much mAh and that's the main reason why I've bought it. Back cover is nice, and it's made of quality material so you cannot break it easily. I didn't try to break it, but you can feel that it's quite good.
    I used battery with always turned wi-fi and mobile network, i used a lot of applications and games during that time, just to see how it lasts. And battery life is amazing. On the stand by mode, you can't believe how long does it last.
    All by all, considering how much it costs, and what you get for that money, it's a great shopping and a great deal. Yes, back cover is not prettier then original slim version, but you can't have it both - battery with this much mAh and slim phone. I recommend this for all travellers, people who talk much on the phone and using internet all the time like me, and business people who don't care so much about enlarging back cover of their phone.

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