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repair tool set

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repair tool set Customers Reviews

  • Works ok for my watches

    posted by knodd

    Makes it easy to adjust watch straps at home. Eliminates the risk to scratch the strap when you use the hammer & pin combo.Good instructions - easy to understand.
    Make sure to have the strap aligned straight and leveled to the pin on the tool, then slowly turn the handle otherwise you risk damaging the tool and/or strap.
    It will do what its supposed to do.
  • Nearly professional

    posted by AXLMAN

    Well, i bought this product and the other dealextreme watch repairing kit, and i can say is that this is like a professional tool, and i have show it to a friend that is watch repairing, and he told me that is very good, because it has three points of contact with the nut, and normal ones are just using two
    And there are a lot of bits so you will find the most accurate tool for your type of watch
    The tool was oily, as other people said, but this is normal, because is a tool with some threads and it is steel, so without a little of oil it will have rust
    Good, fully recommendable
  • Good product

    posted by kazhs

    Really good build quality and sizeExcellent option for outdoor activities and it’s easy to use. The tools are strong and do what they are indeed
    Tool seems to be very useful and resistant, I think it gonna last a long time before I must to replace it.
    A must have for any frequent bicycle rider.Highly recommended
  • Great kit!

    posted by Ololosha123

    This Professional Bicycle Repair Tool Kit Set contain many different tools , all of them may be needed at riding . You could place it anywhere , even you can buy it only for using at home . This bag has much free space , you can put anything there .
    Reflective band looks great , but it's only at one side ... You can see this at my photo .
    If you do not have any same Bicycle Repair Tool Kit Set, you shout buy this one !
  • No repairer should be without

    posted by cmickc

    This is a great quality set with every tool you will need to repair phones and consoles. The casing is really well made and holds all accessories firmly. The quality of the tools is excellent and perfect for use with any devices mechanical parts.
    An invaluable tool for anyone like myself who dabbles in hardware repair general small scale electronics. Great quality and is guaranteed to last!

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