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  • great replacement

    posted by vlad21ro

    All buttons work great, they look and feel just great.
    Perfect fit for the IPhone 3G.
    I all 3 of them even if the my silent button was working good but they look and feel brand new.
    It took about an hour for me to replace all of them. It's the first time i replaced something in my IPhone. When i opened the phone i was shocked to see how complicated things are but with a good tutorial you can change yourself any part of your IPhone without any expensive tools.
    My ON/OFF button works again !!! I am verry happy with this purchase. Recomend this replacement set to everyone with broken IPhone buttons.
  • For DIY projects

    posted by Bontz07

    Bought these for DIY projects and these works just great! Seems pretty durable and accurate. Two for that price. Not bad!
    These joysticks contains two potentiometers and a button. I made "joystick board" soldering one of these onto prototype board and now it is always easy to plug a joystick to complicate AVR projects.
    Repair your Xbox controller or use to your own projects!
  • Best low-cost set you can find on dx

    posted by FvDrigalski

    It's got a 1) a lot of patches, 2) the right number of tire spoons, and since they're not made from metal they're light and don't damage your wheel, and 3) comes in a box to carry on your rides. It's exactly what you need to repair a puncture, without anything superfluous (like a bag or wrench sets. buy those separately if you don't have them already)
    Don't buy anything with metal tire irons, they're heavy just heavy and will dent your tires. Goddamn.
    Great, portable pack to accompany you on all your rides. Don't forget to take a pump!
  • No repairer should be without

    posted by cmickc

    This is a great quality set with every tool you will need to repair phones and consoles. The casing is really well made and holds all accessories firmly. The quality of the tools is excellent and perfect for use with any devices mechanical parts.
    An invaluable tool for anyone like myself who dabbles in hardware repair general small scale electronics. Great quality and is guaranteed to last!
  • Wery usefull

    posted by OddFellow

    CheapUsefulMagnetic whiteboard for holding screws and make notes
    Very useful when installing things that you plan and mount right back again, You put the screws on the mat, and note where tey qre going, and the magnetism of the plate ensures that they stays them there. It reduses the chance for the screws to just disappears or falls on the floor just, never be found again. If you work on the mat and lose a screw, it will hopefully remain there because of magnetism.
    This has been doing the job of getting things together after repairs easier. Recommend.

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