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On this page, you can find a wide selection of repair parts. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse the products from nds repair parts, or some other related Pages like repair part nokia. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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repair parts Customers Reviews

  • The best option for replace damaged NDS speaker

    posted by alerozz

    Great qualityFits like originalSound is clean and powerfullEasy to replaceFast shippingBest price, even in bulkrateNDS and NDSi compatible
    Stop searching for this part, DX has the best price and the most effective shipping in Internet.
    For best results and the same sound quality, use the same pair of speakers. There's a little difference in quality of sound, but its not a issue, its a sound compatibilty trick.
  • Quite good

    posted by Thumb

    * good quality * very well pakkaged * pre-glued places (with stickers on it and stuff...)
    Hard to do, not really worth it.
    You should buy it if your mute/power/volume switch or earphonejack is broken, but remember, reaal hard to replace, nothing like the screen or the wifi adaptor.
  • Works Well Enough

    posted by Flipsidecbp

    This is actually 2 pieces: the hinge that keeps the DS open at the correct angle, and the metal collar that goes on the opposite side to protect the cables.
    Fits perfectly in the DS Lite.
    The only option I've found for replacing a broken or missing hinge. Great for the price, but I'm slightly disappointed in the quality.
    If you need to replace the hinge in your DS Lite for any reason, grab this.
  • Two hinges at good price, what else?

    posted by JCoto

    These are much better than Nintendo's ones. If someone has a NDS Lite, will understand.This hinges come lubried and in full functionality. They're a bit tighter than Nintendo's ones, and you have two different sizes, so sure you won't be getting your NDSLite shell broken again with this. Also you can repair a NDS fat with thisIt is a perfect replacement piece, i've bought more just in case. NDS's are done for hinges, and also down because of them.
    They are really practical, and came two in a pack, so it is ideal for repairing and having a supply just in case. You can use either one or the other if you simply put a paper in order to compensate de little size difference.
    Your NDS lite is note broking again due to hinges with these.
  • Not For Video the 2nd.

    posted by fknphillip

    Nice, Strong Firm Build. Good LCD Screen.
    Haha don't know much cause I don't have a iPod Touch, but i do have an iPod Video .. :(
    Very good shipping, Wrapped in bubble wrap at least 5 times.
    Maybe if you cracked your iPod touch , you will need a glass cover to replace too not just the screen .
    Good product even tho, it says iPod Video. Which i had to wait for 3 weeks to recieve it, then relise it was the wrong one >.>
    Looks like a good solid OEM Product/

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