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repair parts replacement

The perfect repair parts replacement here to meet all your needs. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Find more hot gadgets at ipod replacement parts and screen replacement parts. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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repair parts replacement Customers Reviews

  • Good product, but not what I needed!

    posted by evileyeleen

    Buttons are sturdy and of good quality. They are the correct buttons for the iPhone 4.
    I wanted to repair the power button which seemed to have lost its spring and no longer registered when pressed, but this ended up not being the part that I needed. Turns out I needed this part instead: Power Flex Cable sku 117069
    good quality parts but keep in mind that these are just the button covers and may not be the part you need to fix your issue
  • Fixed my problem.

    posted by DXwoof

    They fit in the spot. Now my DS charges when it did not. So far so good, I have not had to use the other fuses.
    It's a tricky soldering job, but if you need these your DS is most likely not working so what do you have to loose. You'll also want a flux pen as your normal rosin core solder won't have enough, and some solder braid to clean up extra solder.
    A DS only has 2 fuses, so with these you can fix quite a lot of DS's it's a good idea to have spares.
  • Good, but lost the top.

    posted by nightwarrior

    Good color. Works well and fits well.Looks like a original part.
    (IGNORE THE NEXT PART)Trying to get 500 characters.. Please remove it DX! It's hard to get 500 characters for this.Trying to get 500 characters..Trying to get 500 characters..Trying to get 500 characters..
    Get it if your analogue stick is broken. Do watch out that the top is very loose! Comes off easily. Lost mine after a day. Glue it or something!
  • Great product and cheap! Fixes your PS3

    posted by patatman

    Very cheap replacement part compared to the pricing from my coutnry(The Netherlands).It was the whole frame with laser just like the picture. You could'nt see it was second hand.
    Just a great product, it behaves the way it's supossed to.
    If your Ps3 broke down, and replacement parts are hard to get, you should definetly buy this! My ps3 works like a brand new!
  • A must have

    posted by Simiont

    If you need to replace the lower screen and/or touchscreen frame of an NDSL, this cheap but good quality part will improve the results of NDSL case replacement or repair - the old frame will not stick well if reused.
    Don't fix your NDSL' lower screen without fitting a new, color-matching, touchscreen frame. Or you might want an extra spare, in fact.
    Good price for a useful piece. Works great. Fits perfectly in the NDSL. Even after three repairs, my NDSL looks like new, thanks to a fresh new frame.

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