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  • Remote switch trigger for my D90

    posted by DutchKingKong

    Simple to use, no fancy buttens.(Nikon D90)
    It does what you ask it to do, the hold function has a little hard "edge" probably needs to wear down a little.I never used a remote switch, but wanted to know what you can do with the "BULP" setting on the camera.you can estimate your own shutter time, I only found it hard to time it with the Autofocus on. the lens needs to focus first, and the time it takes to focus, you have to hold the button. Since the time it needs to focus depends on the object, it can be hard to stimate the moment when you need to release again! I
    good price, does the job, but could be a little smaller if it hadn't had the battery tray. also a slightly longer cabel would be nice.It worked for what I wanted to do with it on my Nikon D90!
  • Nice gadget!

    posted by Feesh

    It's a very useful thing for a bunch of photographic cases. First of all, you can use it for the scenes that need long exposure - even if you have a good tripod, you will need a remote switch trigger just to relax your finger and to avoid camera shake when you push the shutter button. This trigger has a slider that locks the button, so if your camera has "bulb mode", the night scenes will be exceptional :) The other way to use it is when you make street photos - just place the trigger in your pocket and hang the camera around the neck, nobody will notice that you take the pictures.
    Bought it for my friend, he's not dissapointed. )
    Good one :)
  • Nice specs, good quality, good assembly quality

    posted by sWindows

    -It can work with up to 12 amps per channel(220 volts AC)- reciever circuit board is pretty compact- transmitter includes battery- rubber buttons on transmitter
    Its perfect solution for my requiments: I use it like a remote detonator switch :)
    Good quality remote-controlled switch for only $13,7
  • Great, but battery stays on

    posted by benthos

    Can act as:
    - A remote shutter release
    - A locking bulb release
    - A delay release
    - An interval release
    build quality looks ok
    There are 4 functions:
    - delay
    - shutter time
    - interval time
    - number of shutters
    Delay is the delay between the first shutter release
    Shutter time is the time the shutter is open (for bulb mode... if you're on multiple-shot mode it will continuously take photos for this amount of time)
    Interval time indicates how long to wait for the next photo
    Number of shutter is how many times to repeat.
    there is an arrow pad that allows you to select which timing to adjust, which time section to adjust (seconds, minutes, hours) and adjust up or down these values.
    Not completly intuitive, but relatively easy
    Great buy, would have liked a on/off button (or a shorter auto-time out if there is one)
  • The best HDMI Switcher

    posted by LyNDe

    A great item:
    - 5 inputs working great!
    - Intelligent switching
    - Nice small/compact remote
    - Rapid transition between sources
    - Works with all kind of HDMI cables
    - Works fine with PS3,XBOX360, TDT-HD Decoder, Satellite Decoder and PC.
    - Very solidly built
    The article has made me very happy and I think he deserves punishment enough. Without doubt the best HDMI Switch at this site and at the best price.
    It´s very cheaper for the solidly built.

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