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remote release d90 Customers Reviews

  • Quality remote for my DSLR

    posted by darkojakisa

    Quality piece of must have gadget if you own a DSLR camera... Works very well on my Nikon D3100.Cable is long enough and it is very flexible and soft
    I didnt expect quality plastic, and i was happy when i unpacked it...
    One again, must have piece of equipement for your DSLR, especially when shooting with a tripod. Dont know what else to say, just buy it its veeeery cheap...
  • Best for it's price

    posted by LonelyRain

    The plastic quality is very high. The wire is quite thin, so it does not pull connector when being bent. The connector is angled and looks rather compact when connected. The overall build quality is very high.
    I bought this device to use it with my Nikon D5000.Within a few months of usage the device proved to be excellent. I hardly can imagine a reason to spend money for an original shutter release instead of this one.
    Can be useful if you do some macrophotography, night shots, or any other time when a long exposure is needed. Anyway, you should also have a tripod.
  • Great for the price

    posted by JRDNK

    - Great price for the product- Works just like a brand name one
    Pretty good for the price and for what you get. It's better than paying more money for the name brand ones because it works great.
    Great product, I would buy it again. Works really well for bulb photography as you can leave the shutter on hold and walk away from the camera if need be. Great features for a great price.
  • Great product

    posted by AquaPlanning

    Works very well. Can be set to separate channels, so if you have multiple camera's you can set them to all click at the same time, or one at a time.
    If you think it does not work, check the settings for the dip switches in the battery compartment.
    Buy! It is very nice to make pictures while you are not touching the camera. People respond much more naturally if you're not looking through the camera lens.
  • It's simple and does it job

    posted by lcjoker

    price - very goodauto shoot lock modelong cablenot hard to press
    this is what you need if you're doing astro or mirror lens photography with no IS - so you don't have to touch your camera when busy with pointing the telescope, or adjusting focus on bulky, big lenses. Much better than IR becasue it will work for 100%, battery won't go dead and you will not be able to missplace it as it is attached to camera at all times
    does exactly what it should and it's cheap

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