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remote power switch

Purchase the latest remote power switch with wonderful pricing At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. electric power switch or rocker power switch contains many hot and popular products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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remote power switch Customers Reviews

  • Really good HDMI matrix, but...

    posted by agmagm

    Real matrix, allows selection of source for each HDMI display separatly and transfers different signals in parallel . In my case I use it with TV and Projector, using PS3 and SatReciever as sources. Excellent quality, great look. No more need for gymnastic exercises crossing cables.This one was my dream for some time, I didn't expect to find it on DX.
    Could be provided with couple of HDMI cables as you need at least two more for connection of sources and displays to the box.
    Good product, but consider IR control system may intersect with ones of other devices and be ready to see blank screens for couple of second while you select source for either output channel.
  • Very Good, very easy to install

    posted by alonrh

    includes bateries for the remote controll.very easy to install. just 2 wires at each side.i installed it between the lamp cord and the ceiling output wires.it took a minute, not more. and it worked right away.the remote works from more that 10 meters and even from outside the room.very good product, i intend to but some more of these.
    there is one button on the device itself that i still dont understand what it does.
    very good product, i intend to but some more of these.
  • Great Remote Controlled Outlet

    posted by myersmatthew

    Product sold in retail stores in the U.S. during holiday times for double the cost!
    The Build Quality is excellent
    Works well
    The Sensor picks up the remote transmission very easily and from all angles.
    I can aim the remote completely away from item and across the room and it works
    Price is excellent
    Free shipping
    Only time will tell how long it lasts, but judging by build quality it seems as if will last quite a while!
    Great price, Great quality, Free shipping and overall great deal! Buy multiple you will want them. I wish I had bought more now I have to wait for shipping again!!
  • GSM Power Switch

    posted by stojkecar

    Simple, easy setup, SMS control, White list for accepted numbers
    It was easy to setup. I had to bought AC adapter for EURO plug(1EUR). I udes manual to setup allowed numbers than can trigger switch. I use it for reseting Wireless BS on hills so i dont have to go there. I put it behind UPS, and connect all equipment behind it. When somethings stops, I send SMS for turning power OFF and again for ON. Helped me few times so far, and saved me gas money.
    Simple, cheap device for reseting your equipment and saving Your money.
  • Low cost switch

    posted by vikrama2014

    Works as advertised. I found the line of sight range to be about 20m and indoors about 6-7 meters. good Enough for most uses. The rated power is 500W, so I tried with lights etc and it worked fine.
    The item does not fit standard Indian sockets. But this was not an issues since the seller never promised that it would fit. Other users had however pointed out that this switch is suitable only for British type formats. This may not be suitable if you want to drive high amp devices like water pumps, geysers etc.
    Good Item, well packaged and very useful. The item also has two buttons apart from the remote. So incase you do lose the remote, the switch can still be functional like an ordinary switch.

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